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It is another busy week at ITU HQ. WSIS 2017 launched with a flurry of activity, as over 200 specialized workshops, talks and exhibitions get underway.

Meanwhile, this edition of ITU News Weekly focuses on key takeaways from the AI for Good Global Summit last week, as well as other important trends to keep your eyes on!


ITU Newsletter
Digital health solutions: See how a new data platform helps doctors in India save premature babies. And for more on-the-ground examples of how ICTs are accelerating the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), read the latest ITU News Magazine - or visit the ITU News YouTube playlist!

AI for Good: key takeaways

“AI is probably the most important technology the human race will ever create, to allow us to create a world of abundance … to create a world in which we uplift every single human on the planet.” - Founder and Executive Chairman of the XPRIZE Foundation, Peter H. Diamandis

AI needs you: Marcus Shingles, CEO of XPRIZE, highlighted the growing and important role that artificial intelligence (AI) will play in solving the world’s biggest challenges - so long as individuals can participate in its experimentation.

AI for sustainable development: How can AI work to achieve the SDGs? There are already some use-cases of ‘AI for good’, including scalable, affordable and personalized education for all and WHO Director General, Margaret Chen, looked at how it can help achieve a healthier planet.  Meanwhile, IBM announced ‘Science for Social Good’, a new programme that partners IBM researchers, postdoctoral academic fellows and nonprofits to address the UN's 17 SGDs through data.

...and for Auto: Audi CEO, Rupert Stadler, called for a discussion about self-driving car ethics as he kicked off last week's Summit with a powerful keynote.


But questions remain: As we prepare to reap the massive benefits of this 'Golden Age' of AI, it is critical that privacy, security, and ethical questions are brought to the forefront. AI’s impact on standardization must be considered too.

And now, a healthy reality check: “We are not nearly as close to strong Artificial Intelligence as many believe,” Prof. Gary Marcus told the Summit.



An unrecognizable Internet? The rise of content delivery networks (CDNs) - private networks owned by tech giants such as Google and Facebook to improve user experience, especially or video - are reshaping the Internet in rich countries, writes Joon Ian Wong. Will this lead to a new digital divide?  

Are smartphones losing their position as consumers’ central interface? Three experts weigh in on the future of smartphones as the world moves from being “mobile first” to “AI first”.

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