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In the wake of Hurricane Irma, ITU is deploying emergency telecommunications equipment to the Caribbean to aid with relief efforts. And as many families head back to school, we examine education technologies in the classroom as we prepare for the leading United Nations tech event, ITU Telecom World!

Also, don't miss ITU Secretary-General Houlin Zhao's first-person account of his recent meeting with the Pope. Read on.


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Emergency telecoms for Hurricane Irma: ITU has sent 70 satellite phones and 10 satellite broadband terminals to the Caribbean. Meanwhile, the power of ICTs to help in disaster aid was on full display as telecom companies are turning to drones to help with hurricane relief and MIT is using social media to map flooding from Hurricane Irma in real time.

ICT Trends

Education technology: For students heading back to school, here are 7 tech innovations that are drastically changing the way people learn. But how is technology transforming youth education in the MENA region? Bill Gates argues that better technology must be developed to help educate people.

(Quality) Content is King: In what's being touted as a "watershed moment for streaming content," tech titans Apple and Amazon are reportedly pursuing James Bond franchise rights and Facebook announces plans to spend up to $1B on original shows in 2018. Meanwhile, Spotify and Hulu partner on streaming entertainment. It's all part of the increasing ICT-media convergence that could have significant impact on ICT network spending and decisions.


Cybersecurity: Do you think you could hear a cyber attack? DolphinAtack works by inaudible voice commands at a frequency human ears cannot detect. Equifax says a cyberattack may have affected 143 million in the U.S. making it one of the largest data breaches in recent years and Singapore's AXA assures customers that their data breach has been secured.

Connected Cars: Car maker Volvo expands its Silicon Valley operations and digital services. Uber plans to 'green' their London fleet. And how can Big Data help cities get smarter about connected cars?



Education technologies: Do we need more or less technology in the classroom? Cathy Davidson says that we’re asking the wrong question.

Disabilities don't stop these STEM students: From blowing things up to listening to bugs, there’s a STEM career for everyone says Kathiann Kowalski.

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