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What is it like to be a woman in tech? “Being in a minority places us in a constant state of stress, where we constantly need to prove why we are in the position we are,” says Karina Ospina, who explains what it is like to be the only woman in an ICT engineering department. ITU is running a series of blogs this week to celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March.

Meanwhile, here are your key ICT trends and insights this week: ITU co-hosts the Future Networked Car Symposium, Zain joins Facebook's Telecom Infrastructure Project (TIP) and can Amdocs new 'aia' digital intelligence platform help enable the 'self-driving telco'?


ITU Newsletter
Connected cars Amid increasing ICT-auto convergence, security is rapidly becoming a key issue. Four experts shared key insights with ITU News on how to to keep connected cars safe. [Watch our video to learn more about the power of connected cars - and don't miss the Future Networked Car Symposium.]

ICT Trends

Regulation: The CEOs of Vodafone and Orange renewed calls for the European Commission to help operators build scale and boost investment at the Mobile World Congress last week. Meanwhile, Norway's regulator may block Telia's Phonero acquisition.  

Quantum computing: IBM is launching the world’s first commercial quantum-computing service, allowing people to make use of quantum hardware via the Internet. Meanwhile, Fujitsu will build RIKEN's 'Deep learning system', which will be one of the largest-scale supercomputers in Japan specializing in AI research. [Learn more about why quantum computing is important for IoT security.]  


OTT streaming: YouTube launched a USD35 per month streaming service for live TV for US viewers while other players such as Hulu are reportedly looking to launch similar services. Cord-cutting millennials' usage habits have shaken incumbents in many tech industries, but a new four-country survey indicates that 35% of respondents expect to choose traditional carriers in 2022. 

Digital skills: The UK government launched the Digital Skills Partnership, creating over four million free training opportunities to support Britain’s growing digital economy. Meanwhile, Amazon and Google separately announced programmes to boost digital skills. [Investing in and developing a range of ICT skills to create digital citizens for a digital society is the focus of ITU’s annual Global ICT Capacity Building Symposium]



ICTs and the environment ITU News looks at five ways ICTs are helping to protect endangered wildlife. [Discover other ways that ICTs support the SDGs.]

The next big security nightmare: your hospital bed? Protecting connected medical devices is a slow and gradual process that is leaving patients and the healthcare industry as a whole exposed to ransomware and hackers. Lily Hay Newman investigates.

‘Potential’ kills innovation Silicon Valley’s obsession for exponential growth is damaging a generation of startups, explains David Heinemeier Hansson.   

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