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The rise of automotive-ICT convergence is on full display this week as Hyundai joins ITU while key auto and ICT players attend the ITU-TIA Connected Vehicle Workshop in Detroit.

Meanwhile, here are some other ICT trends we're watching: Uber faces fresh regulatory complications; this year’s best Smart City is announced; and women are using technology to drive cattle farming businesses in rural Australia.


ITU Newsletter Hyundai joins ITU to influence connected-car standards, highlighting the need for increased collaboration as automakers play a greater role in crafting 5G standards. [Read more about ITU’s work on Intelligent Transport Systems.] 

ICT Trends

Digital Finance in India: Over 10,000 customers opened savings accounts within the first two days of Airtel Payments Bank going live, amid the cash crunch following India’s recent demonetization. Meanwhile, Vodafone India will allow M-Pesa users to withdraw cash at over 120,000 outlets nationwide, 56% of which are available in rural areas. [Learn more about ITU’s work in Digital Financial Services.]

Social Media in China: Facebook has reportedly built a new content filtering tool to help allow it to operate in China. But can Facebook really penetrate the Chinese market? Rising giant WeChat just launched Mini Apps, which could spell the end for downloaded apps - and its parent company Tencent Holdings Ltd has invested in start-up Q&A platforms, Zaihang and Fenda.

Uber's regulatory complications: Uber recently launched in Bangladesh in partnership with Grameenphone. But it has already hit regulatory trouble. Also, Uber will seek to convince Europe's top court next week that it is a digital service, not a transport company – a key distinction that will determine how Uber is regulated. Meanwhile, Uber China’s transition to Didi Chuxing began earlier this week.



Network slicing and 5G systems Network slicing isn’t a new concept, but Guy Daniels explains its new importance in the 5G era as an end-to-end solution for flexible infrastructure optimized to address future use cases. 

Women use tech to drive cattle farming Women cattle farmers in rural Australia are embracing technology, boosting their businesses and highlighting a shift away from men as sole decision makers in agribusinesses, says researcher Rachel Hay.

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