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ITU Telecom World 2016 is well underway in Bangkok, Thailand, showcasing a range of expertise on how to grow today’s digital economy. Keep up to date with the Telecom World highlights, #ITUWORLD, and the ITU blog.

In the meantime, here are your key ICT trends and insights this week: Germany approves new cybersecurity strategy, Facebook claims millimeter-wave wireless connection record, and Ford announces plans to invest in a technology center in India. 


ITU Newsletter ITU Telecom World 2016 brings top leaders from industry, government, academia and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) together in Bangkok, Thailand, this week to discuss the latest opportunities and challenges for the global growth of ICTs. See Day 1 Highlights and read a recap of ITU’s eighth CTO Meeting held on the eve of the event.

ICT Trends

Security and privacy: Germany approved a new cybersecurity strategy that calls for creation of a mobile Quick Reaction Force and greater public-private cooperation. Meanwhile, Telefonica Deutschland’s CEO has called for a debate about Germany’s online privacy and consumer data regulations as the company looks to monetise customer data, claiming that there is a double standard between telecom operators and OTT providers such as Google and Facebook. 

Smart Sustainable Cities: By 2020, half of all smart city objectives will include climate change, resilience and sustainability key performance indicators (KPIs), according to a new Gartner report. This creates measurable outcomes toward the targets agreed upon at the COP 21 in Paris. [Read about ITU’s Smart Sustainable Cities initiatives.]


Connectivity: Facebook claims ‘record’ millimeter-wave (MMW) wireless connection, which it hopes will add to its efforts to connect the unconnected. CTO Mike Schroepfer said the company’s main areas of focus will be connectivity, artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality over the next ten years.

Automotive: Ford’s latest investment in India will be USD195 million over five years in a technology and business center in Chennai. Meanwhile, Samsung is buying US automotive electronics company Harman for USD8 billion, seen as a strategic departure by the South Korean firm.


  • 5G: Ericsson’s 5G Readiness Survey indicates that there are unexplored opportunities for operators in the industrial and enterprise markets to monetize 5G – the Swedish firm says the key is to look beyond traditional consumer customers.
  • LTE-A: Entel Chile plans 90% LTE-A coverage across a total of ten regions by end 2016.
  • 2G: New pre-paid SIMs sold in Singapore will no longer support 2G handsets. Singapore’s 2G networks will be switched off in April 2017. 
  • Net neutrality: The Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority (ECTEL) will move ahead with plans to guarantee member State citizens receive unhindered access to internet services, noting its importance due to the growing trend for service providers to block OTT services. 
  • Gigabit: Germany unveiled plans to transform the country into a Gigabit Society by the end of 2025. [Read ITU’s Gigabit coverage here.] 
  • Australia: Australia has appointed its first ambassador for cyber affairs, Tobias Feakin, who will support cyber capacity building in the region and promote the benefits of internet access for all. 


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