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Here are your key ICT trends and insights this week: What Uber China's merger with Didi Chuxing will mean; Delphi tests autonomous vehicles in Singapore; and Australia is on the move - literally.


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Overcoming the connectivity price barrier Innovative business models are needed to boost global smartphone use and drive sustainable development – could Orange’s USD8.5 million investment in PayJoy be part of the solution?

ICT Trends


Ride-hailing apps in China News of Uber China’s USD35 billion merger with Didi Chuxing comes days after China legalized ride-sharing services. Didi Chuxing praised China’s “open-minded regulatory approach.” The move has been hailed as a “milestone” in China’s sharing economy, which is powered by ICTs receiving billions in investment from tech giants such as Apple and Alibaba. Meanwhile, Uber is spending USD500 million on a Google Maps alternative

Cybersecurity: Talent shortage crisis Intel Security’s ‘Hacking the Talent Shortage’ report highlights global shortage of cybersecurity talent - here is how you can close the gap. Meanwhile, the United States released its first government guide on responding to cyberattacks. [Learn more about ITU’s Cybersecurity activities.]

E-health: Satellite operator SES, the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, and German Doctors have launched SATMED, a satellite-based e-health platform in the Philippines. Meanwhile, IBM is giving free technology and computing expertise to help scientists fight Zika. [Learn about ITU’s efforts to use ICTs for preventive health.]


Autonomous cars: Delphi will test self-driving cars as part of Singapore’s new Autonomous Mobility on Demand program. Delphi will retrofit vehicles with cameras, radar and lidar to test its technology on the crowded streets. Meanwhile, China has banned highway testing of autonomous cars.



Africa is making new apps for old phones App developers build basic text-based apps for specific local needs in a region where the average customer doesn’t own a smartphone – something Google and Apple Inc. missed out on, writes Marie Mawad and Alexandre Boksenbaum-Granier.

Tech trends that will impact your home 3D printing, VR/AR and IoT will revolutionize how we live in our homes, which is good for the environment and efficiency says Agnieszka Wilk.

Perspectives from Pakistan – women in ICT engineering A gender bias still exists for young women pursuing engineering careers in Pakistan, but the country is working to change that, writes Erum Irfan.

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