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How to Join ITU - Frequently Asked Questions

Apply for ITU Membership

​Listed below are frequently asked questions regarding Membership with ITU.


  1. ​Is it possible to join as an individual?
    No. In addition to Member States, ITU offers Membership solely to corporate entities from the ICT industry, international/ regional organizations, associations and academia active within the field of ICTs.
  2. Can subsidiaries or parent companies apply for separate membership?
    Yes, a corporation can have memberships through its subsidiaries or branches. However, a subsidiary of a multinational corporation with executive headquarters based in a developed country will be charged a full fee.
  3. Can the ITU reject an application?
    Approval of Membership applications is a prerogative of Member States, except for international and regional organizations. Applications not approved by the rele​vant Member State are not processed by the ITU Secretariat. 

Questions about the APPLICATION PROCESS

  1. How do I join? What is the process?
    1. ​​To assess the overall benefits and costs of ITU Membership for your organization, we recommend that you start by consulting the wide range of marketing materials available on the JOIN ITU Section of this website.
    2. To determine the type of Membership that best suits the needs or your organization, contact the Membership Team (,
    3. Then fill in and submit the online Application Form . We will then review your application and contact you if needed. Fax or email/scan a signed copy to
    4. Applications from companies, organizations and Academia must be approved by the relevant national telecommunication administration in the Member State where your organization is located. If you are not already in contact with your national telecommunication administration, we recommend that you inform them directly about your intention to join the ITU. A full list is available here.
  2. Who needs to sign the application form?
    For your application to be valid, it must be signed by a senior official/manager, with the authority to sign legally binding agreements with third parties on behalf of your organization, including payment of fees.
  3. How long does it take?
    In general, this process can take between a few days to a few weeks. By following up on your application with your national telecommunication administration, you may reduce the delay for participation in our activities.Applications from international and regional organizations do not require approval by a Member State and are usually processed within a few days by the General Secretariat of ITU in Geneva (Switzerland).

Questions about FEES & PAYMENT

  1. ​​How much will it cost?
    The fees vary depending on the options selected and the location/nature of the organization, as outlined in our "Terms & Conditions". For more information and/or guidance, please contact
  2. Does ITU offer exemptions and/or reduced fees for certain categories of Membership?
    Regional and other international organizations may be exempted from financial contribution subject to reciprocity and upon several criteria in particular being a non-profit-making organization. Accesible pricing is also available for Members located in developing countries. For further information, please contact
  3. How do I make the payment?
    Membership fees are payable in Swiss francs (CHF) and must be paid through a bank transfer upon issuing of a bill. ITU needs to receive the required funds prior to activating a new Membership.
  4. Can I pay in other currencies than Swiss francs (CHF)?
    No. Only payments in Swiss francs (CHF) are accepted.
  5. When do the annual Membership fees fall due?
    Membership is then automatically renewed every year, with payment fees due before 30th of March of each year.


  1. Do we need to designate an official contact person?
    Yes, for all official correspondence relating to your membership and participation, you need to designate an official contact.
  2. Can my company have more than one user account?
    Yes, you can establish user accounts (TIES) to access ITU documents for as many of your colleagues participating in ITU activities and events as required.
  3. How do I amend contact and/ or company details?
    To change the official contact name, or contact details, please notify
  4. Can I modify any article in the Membership Agreement?
    No, it's a standard agreement that cannot be modified.
  5. When will my organization be allowed to participate in the activities of ITU?
    Upon receipt of advanced payment for the first year of Membership.
  6. I'm an Associate Member and I wish to "upgrade" to full Membership. What's the procedure?
    You need to inform or your ITU-Sector Membership Representative of you intention to upgrade your Membership status to full Membership before the 31st of December. A new Membership Agreement will be signed, including a new calculation of your dues for the new financial year, payable before 30th March of the year where your full membership takes effect.
  7. What is the procedure for the renunciation of ITU Membership?
    Membership of ITU will tacitly be renewed each 30th March, unless official notification by the Member organization has been received by the ITU General Secretariat. Renunciation takes effect six months following the date of receipt of the official notification by the Secretary General of the ITU.

Questions about the BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP

  1. ​​What can ITU do to promote my company and / or product?
    As a UN agency and international standards organization, ITU does not actively promote products and services of its members. However, interoperable and compatible standards are a powerful tool gaining access to markets as they build critical mass and user acceptance around a technology. More than 700 organizations are Members of ITU. Every day, ITU's global expert community develop state of the art ICT standards. That's already a strong promotional tool amongst peers. ITU also partner with Member organizations to deliver projects in the ITU Development Sector, to promote specific aspects of ICT policies and infrastructure within its Member States.

Further questions?

Contact us at The ITU membership team would be happy to answer any question you may have and to give you more information about ITU membership.