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Document Collection: SG_G_O_00000185
Proposed Amendments to the GMPCS-MoU Arrangements and Implementation of the Arrangements (Doc. 11-E)6/7/2003
Document Collection: SG_G_O_00000184
News about the GMPCS Industry: A Report from the 5th Annual Review Meeting to the WRC-03 (Information Document 1-E)6/7/2003
Document Collection: SG_G_O_00000183
Report by the Project Manager: Report on the GMPCS-MoU and the Implementation of the Arrangements (Doc.2-E)6/7/2003
Document Collection: SG_G_O_00000182
Final List of Participants/Liste finale des participants/Lista Final de los Participantes (Doc.3-E/F/S)6/7/2003
Document Collection: SG_G_O_00000181
Registration Form - Formulaire d'inscription - Formulario de inscripción4/28/2003
Document Collection: SG_G_O_00000180
Agenda of the Fifth Annual Review Meeting - 7-8 June 2003 (Doc.1-E)6/7/2003
Document Collection: SG_G_O_00000179
Invitation letter to the 5th Annual Review Meeting of the GMPCS-MoU Group (7-8 June 2003)4/28/2003
Document Collection: SG_G_I_00000441
Report of the Fifth Annual Review Meeting of the GMPCS-MoU Group (Doc. 10-E)6/7/2003
Document Collection: SG_G_I_00000439
Inmarsat Status Update (Doc.9-E)6/7/2003
Document Collection: SG_G_I_00000438
GMPCS Financial Status Background and Update (Doc.7-E)5/27/2003
Document Collection: SG_G_I_00000437
Final Analysis Communication Services Status Update (Doc. 6-E)6/4/2003
Document Collection: SG_G_I_00000436
Thuraya Status Update - Doc.5-E6/2/2003
Document Collection: SG_G_I_00000435
Letter to the ITU Secretary-General (Doc.4-E)4/9/2003