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Human Resources Management Department and Financial Resources Management Department

The main objective of the Human Resources Management Department and the Financial Resources Management Department is to ensure effective human, financial and facilities resources management of the Union, at headquarter and in the field. Other objectives are:
  • Human Resources: to ensure effective human resources management and consistency with ITU strategies, policies, regulations and rules providing advice and services on staff development, management and planning, social protection and welfare services.

  • Finance: to ensure sound financial management of the Union and to provide support and advice on financial and budgetary matters to senior management and members of the legislative and supervisory bodies.

  • Procurement: to provide an efficient, centralized procurement service to the Union, ensuring compliance with all relevant normative documents.

  • Security and Safety: to ensure the safety and security of staff, visitors and premises of the Union, including its field offices, within the resources available.

  • Facilities Management: to manage the centralized services of the division with improved cost-benefit.
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