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Name : HILL, Richard
Date : November 12, 2015
Organization : Association for Proper Internet Governance
Country : Switzerland
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Contribution : States have a general obligation to facilitate access to ICTs, including the Internet, by people with disabilities. This obligation flows both from general UN treaties and from ICT-specific instruments such as the 2012 International Telecommunication Regulations (ITRs), resolutions of the World Telecommunications Standardization Assembly, and ITU Recommendations. A significant number of states did not sign the ITRs in Dubai in 2012. Almost all of those states indicated that they required additional time in order to consider the implications of certain provisions, in particular those that were approved at the last minute. Accession to the ITRs will facilitate access to Internet by persons with disabilities, and accession by non-signatories would appear feasible because legal analysis of the provisions that required further consideration indicates that they do not actually have the effects that had raised concerns during the conference in Dubai. For greater clarity, we propose a declaration that can be made by states that accede to the ITRs.

Attachments : CWG 2016.pdf