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What does ITU offer 

The conditions of employment as well as the staff rules and regulations are applicable to appointed fixed term staff members. Below you will find more details on what ITU offers appointed staff members. 


Conditions of Employment

The conditions of employment are governed by the Staff Regulations and Staff Rules applicable to appointed staff.

Types of Appointment

​​Fixed-Term Appointment
A fixed-term appointment is a time-limited appointment of one year or more. Fixed-term appointments do not carry any expectancy of renewal or conversion to any other type of appointment.
Temporary Appointment
A temporary appointment is a time-limited appointment of less than one year to meet short-term needs, such as peak workloads and other specific time-limited requirements.

Staff Regulations and Rules

The Staff Regulations for appointed staff embody the fundamental conditions of service and the basic rights, duties and obligations of the staff members of the Union both at the Headquarters and in the field offices. They represent the broad principles of personnel policy for the staffing and administration of the Union. The Secretary-General, as the Chief Administrative Officer, shall provide and enforce such Staff Rules consistent with these principles as he considers necessary, taking into account as far as possible the rules and practice of the United Nations common system.