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JPO Funding

​JPO Funding

The JPO programme is financed under Trust Fund arrangements between ITU and the donor government. The latter party contributes to the JPO's salary, staff entitlements, and other expenses as per the agreement signed between ITU and the donor.

A support charge is provided to cover the cost of the administrative services related to the JPO post.
The average yearly cost  for a JPO post depends on his or her family status, the salary scale in which the JPO has been recruited, the post adjustment multiplier and the duty station. The average cost for a single person ranges from approximately from USD 135 000 to USD 150 000 for a P-2/I, depending on the duty station. Exact costs will be calculated as soon as duty station and candidates status are confirmed.

If the sponsoring government opts for JPO to participate in the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund, an additional cost of approximately USD 15 000 per year will be incurred.

To formalize the participation, a standard agreement is signed between ITU and the sponsoring country/institution.

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