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Who works at ITU

Senior External Affairs Officer

I am a policy advisor on external affairs. In a nut-shell, I am responsible from the Geneva Office to liaise with Member States and Intergovernmental Organizations, mostly with the UN system. 

Head, Logistics Service

I am an architect by education and profession. In my work as head of the logistics service, I work  with my colleagues, country delegates, visitors, as well as other people who come to the organization for professional reasons.

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Translator/Reviser (English)

I am a translator by profession… the bulk of my time is spent translating documents into English on a self-revised basis. My main source languages are French, Russian and Spanish, and occasionally I also work from Portuguese and German.

Administrative Assistant

I started out as a copy typist in the French Translation Section. My current position is that of administrative assistant in the Entitlements and Benefits Service. I look after the administrative management of ITU's regular staff members.

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Head Conference Technology Support Division

I am Head of Conference Technology Support Division, responsible for providing the ICT and AV (audiovisual) services necessary for all conferences, meetings and events held by the ITU in Geneva and abroad

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