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ITU Competencies

ITU Competencies - Core and Managerial

Core Competencies

​Competency ​Details
​Communication and information skills
  • ​Gets the message across clearly, verbally and in writing
  • Keeps other concerned people informed
  • Demonstrates good listening skills
​Mastering job knowledge and skills
  • ​Has the necessary technical knowledge and skills
  • Keeps up to date with new developments
  • Is able to use computer hardware, software and other equipment
​Analysis, judgment and problem solving skills ​Assesses situations and problems reasonably and soundly
Capable of defining and solving problems
Prioritizes important tasks and jobs
​Commitment to quality skills ​Shows attention to detail, accuracy and thoroughness
Shows a commitment to quality and excellence
Looks for and makes continuous improvements
​Productivity skills ​Consistently manages the required workload
Seeks to improve output and minimize duplication of efforts
Uses time efficiently
​Customer focus ​Shows concern for other people’s views
Is committed to increasing customer satisfaction
Ensures that commitments to internal and external customers are met
​Planning and work organization skills ​Develops effective, realistic plans
Organizes work efficiently
Aligns plans with department and organizational objectives
​Effective relationship with others ​Works effectively in groups/teams
Establishes and maintains cooperative working relationships with others
Is flexible, open-minded and tactful
Is sensitive to cultural and gender differences
​Takes initiatives ​Takes on and completes new tasks
Generates innovative ideas, approaches and solutions
Seeks new challenges and increased responsibility
​Dependability ​Completes assignments and meets commitments
Requires little supervision on assigned projects and tasks
Is able to persevere and manage stress and challenging situations
​Learning and flexibility skills ​Is willing to experiment and learn new ways of doing things
Seeks to increase own knowledge and skills
Is able to manage well in new or ambiguous situations


Managerial Competencies

​Competency ​Details
​Strategic orientation competency
  • ​Understands the changing nature of the telecommunication environ­ment
    and the potential impact on the work of ITU
  • Is able to approach problems from a policy perspective, to analyse and
    to find the best solution in the given circumstances
  • Is able to identify essential elements, make strategic decisions and prepare plans which reflect ITU’s strategic priorities
​Results orientation competency ​Assesses, prioritizes and develops operational workplans (including staff and resource requirements)
Knows how to get the work done most effectively and delivers quality products and services in a timely manner
Uses staff and resources effectively, establishes budgets, monitors expenditures, and stays within the set limits
Identifies ways to improve quality within time and costs constraints and is able to identify cost-saving measures
​Leadership skills ​Behaves consistently in a manner which others trust
Demonstrates willingness to take personal responsibility for work; does not blame others for shortcomings or for not meeting work objectives
Maintains equilibrium and a positive, pro-active attitude despite stressful working conditions
​Influencing and negotiating skills ​Can effectively influence or persuade others of a course of action
Continues to talk and seeks compromise in cases of disagreement
Can effectively contribute to meetings as a member or a chairperson
​Managing staff competency ​Delegates clearly, gives authority and holds accountability for results
Plans performance with staff and maintains an ongoing dialogue in order to accomplish stated staff work objectives
Provides timely and helpful feedback to staff and evaluates their performance objectively
Is able to inspire and motivate staff and foster a team spirit
​Project management competency ​Generates realistic yet innovative ideas for new projects
Effectively monitors service providers to ensure that requirements and deadlines are met
Develops effective country/regional and Headquarters relationships and information flow
Demonstrates up-to-date knowledge of the marketplace and the competition in projects where an understanding of the market is essential
​Skills in managing study groups, committees and meetings Acts as chairperson or assists the chairperson to manage effectively the relationships and information exchange among group members
Undertakes responsibility to ensure group meetings are productive and accomplish intended outcomes within time constraints
Demonstrates capabilities to assist a group to reach consensus ​