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​Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply for a specific vacancy?
All candidates are required to complete an on-line application form. Please refer to the section ‘HOW TO APPLY’ to obtain additional information.
In what languages are the vacancy notices published?
All vacancy notices for posts to be filled at Headquarters are published in English and French. For posts to be filled in Regional or Area Offices, they may be published in a language which is specific to that area.
How do I know if I possess the right skills for applying for a post in the Professional and Higher level category?
Candidates interested in applying for a position in the Professional and higher level category should have an advanced university degree. For some junior positions (P1 and P2) a first degree may be accepted. Experience in the specialized field of work is required at the national and international level.
Candidates are requested to consult the separate web page on the Employment profiles for more information.
How do I know if I possess the right skills for applying for a post in the General Service category?
A high school diploma (e.g. Baccalauréat, Maturité, A levels) or commercial/technical school equivalent diploma is required. Recruitment of General Service category posts is on local basis, that is, carried out from the duty station in which the particular office is located. The appointment is limited to the duty station indicated on the vacancy announcement. Candidates are requested to consult the separate web page on the types of appointment profiles for more information.
I am an official from another international organization. Am I eligible to apply for ITU internal vacancies?
Only ITU officials with a fixed-term, permanent, continuing appointment, or a short-term contract may apply as internal candidates.
I am an internal staff member. Is it necessary for me to complete the ITU on-line application form if all the data is already stored in my PHF or the Internal curriculum vitae?
To apply for a competition you must complete your online profile. Only fully completed online Personal Profile information (using the e-Recruitment system) will be taken into consideration throughout the selection process. 
How long does the selection process last?
The selection process can last several months, with a minimum duration of 3 to 4 months.
What feedback can I expect about my application?
Information about the progress of the selection process is available under MY APPLICATIONS after logging in as a returning applicant.
Is there an age limit?
The statutory retirement age for staff entering or re-entering service after 1 January 1990 is 62. Only applicants who are expected to complete the term of appointment as indicated in the vacancy notice will normally be considered. 
Can I apply even if I do not see a specific vacancy notice that matches my qualifications and competencies?
We are not in a position to accept unsolicited applications. We invite you to consult the recruitment webpage regularly until a vacancy that you are interested in and feel qualified for appears. Then please complete your Personal profile and apply to that specific vacancy notice.
Do I need an email address to submit an on-line application form?
Yes. Your email address serves as your username. We also use email to communicate with candidates. Short term staff are advised to change their contact details to their personal email address just before the end of their contract. This is to ensure that they receive all communications about the recruitment process even after they have left.
Are tests and interviews mandatory in ITU?
Candidates interested in obtaining a position may have to successfully pass the required relevant test(s) before they may be considered for recruitment.  Short-listed candidates may also be interviewed.