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Béatrice Pluchon, Senior External Affairs Officer
Member States Relations and Intergovernmental Organizations

Why did you join ITU?
I have been working with ICTs for a number of years and had the chance to design, fund and implement development projects worldwide.  I was first at the UNITAR then at the French Foreign Affairs, where I was part of the team responsible for the preparation of the first phase of the World Summit on Information Society.
ITU’s mandate was very much related to my work at the Foreign Affairs and my acquired expertise would be an asset for the organization.  I also had a strong desire to rejoin an international organization.

What is your profession and what is your academic background?

I am a policy advisor on external affairs.
I have a LLM in International Law and a Master’s degree in Diplomacy and Law focusing on International Organizations.
Can you describe your work and the competencies required?
In a nut-shell, I am responsible from the Geneva Office to liaise with Member States and Intergovernmental Organizations, mostly with the UN system.
The job includes planning and coordinating ITU’s participation in major UN conferences such as ECOSOC, the General Assembly and UN Summits. I am also preparing ITU’s participation in inter-agency mechanisms such as the UN Chief Executive Board. More importantly, I support ITU’s Secretary-General and other high level officials in their contributions to meetings and UN initiatives.  For that, I am required to provide and seek input internally as well as from other UN agencies. 
I also prepare coordinated briefings for the Secretary General for his meetings with Member States representatives. I am liaising with Permanent Missions to inform them regularly about ITU’s activities.

One must have the ability to communicate in writing as well as orally in a cohesive and concise manner. It is equally important to have strong strategic skills and vision, to be able to see the future, create present impact and maintain the organization’s long-term relevance.  It also requires a team playing attitude and the ability to encourage and lead.

What are you most proud of in your work?

I am very proud to represent a very dynamic UN Specialized Agency.  I am convinced of the role and potential of ICTs in development and believe in ITU’s prominent role in the UN system to support the United Nations Secretary-General.
What motivates you to continuously contribute to ITU’s mission?

ITU is the oldest international organization.  ITU’s mission was relevant at its inception, it is currently relevant and will be very relevant in the future.  It is a mandate, since its creation, that resides on the heart of cultures and civilizations. In a new world order, ITU’s mission has many challenges, but has the potential to greatly contribute to the overall UN’s role and relevance.

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