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ITU Staff

Alain Victor Mutwe, Head, Logistics Service
Why did you join ITU?
I was so fascinated by the work of public engineering when I was young.  It was to strengthen my capabilities in the field of construction and buildings that I decided to become architect.
I was working for a big company based in Italy which had an international vocation; it is there that I acquired the international experience because the company participated in competitive and international calls for tender. It is with that same ambition that I pursued the post which I hold now within the ITU. I would like to add that in my private life I am a man of communication and ITU has the mission to connect the whole world. This is the vision I got when I arrived in ITU. I am comfortable to work in this organization knowing that our mission is to connect the world.
What is your profession and what is your academic background?
I am an architect by education and by profession. My high school education level led to a diploma in Public Works and Construction. After that I went to the national university and registered in the department of applied sciences and finally I completed my education with studies in architecture from Italy.
Can you describe your work and the competencies  required?
The department head office organizes and manages the activities of the different service sections in logistics. I plan, organize and oversee the arrangement of rooms and offices as well as furniture. I am in charge of managing the stock of furniture and the equipment as well as the programme of purchase of the latter. I establish calls for tender of purchases for the service of catering in collaboration with the related division. I also  supervise the service of cleaning and the elaboration of calls for tender of the outside companies. I supervise the use of premises by elaborating plans of distribution of rooms and offices in ITU. I also manage the staff and the budget of my service, to manage the human resources and the respect for the safety standards of the service members.
My work as head of the logistics service is more oriented to ground work; most of the time I am in touch with my colleagues, as well as with country delegates, visitors as well as all persons who come to the organization for professional reasons, irrespective of category. It is a work of patience, deep attention and permanent listening. It’s also a job that requires observation and immediate action in certain situations. I ensure all requests are taken into consideration without discrimination and always taking into account the personal sensibilities and culture of everybody. In management of logistics,  the person is considered before the equipment. I admit it’s not very easy to satisfy everybody but I try to do my duty with justice, equity and conscience. In this regard, my job requires more social behavior and humanity than academic skills. The experience of an architect in this field is very useful for me because it is necessary to have an overview in the management of all activities undertaken under my responsibilities inside the organization.
What are you most proud of in your work?
I am proud to declare that during the short lapse of time which I have spent within the ITU, I was able to realize some important projects that I can relate to my skills as an architect. I was the supervisor of some important projects; such as the renovation of the conference room Popov; I am the author of the project Open space for the Forum Telecom 11 and the study for the accessibility of the disabled persons.
I can add that I am proud to work whilst always taking into consideration the environmental standards and  accessibility for the disabled persons to any office and any service they want to reach. Finally to suggest a new vision of working effectively with the renewable and recyclable materials because all this is feasible if we give ourselves the will to make it so.
What motivates you to continuously contribute to ITU’s mission?
The motivation to continue my mission is always to associate myself with the mission assigned to our organization. The main achievement is to meet the challenge to connect the whole world which is so complex in terms of infrastructure, means of communication, and even in terms of culture and communication. Taking into consideration the situation as a whole,  we can affirm however there is a vital need for everybody to communicate. Therefore, the continuation of our mission is to ensure that the whole world continues to communicate in peace, solidarity and in respect of universal ethics in the domain of international telecommunication.