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ICTs, Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change

​​Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), such as satellites, mobile phones or the Internet, play a key role in addressing the major challenges related with climate change and sustainable development. ICTs are fundamental for monitoring climate change, mitigating and adapting to its effects and assisting in the transition towards a green and circular economy. ​​By raising awareness on the role of ICTs, ITU is promoting transformative solutions that can ensure a sustainable future for all. Explore the links below to find more about ITU’s vision and mission in the area of environmental sustainability and climate change.​

ITU Activities

ICTs play a key role in addressing major challenges related to climate change and ​sustainable development. They are fundamental in the monitoring of the environment and the climate, and they help countries mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change.

ITU promotes a transition towards a circular economy by raising awareness on ICTs and advocating for innovative solutions that can ensure a sustainable future.

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Striving to achieve the SDGs

ICTs serve as catalysts for achieving goals elucidated in the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) adopted by the UN in 2015. Several of these goals are directly related to the environment and the climate, while others address the advent of smart sustainable cities and societies.  

ITU actively promotes the SDGs by linking and incorporating these goals into its strategies, and aligns its activities and actions accordingly.

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Smart Sustainable Cities

To address the urban challenges of the 21st century, cities need to become smarter and more sustainable. ICT tools have the ability to provide eco-friendly and economically viable solution for cities.

ITU provides a global platform for all smart city stakeholders to exchange knowledge, identify polices, develop international standards, and participate in the development of key performance indicators (KPIs).   

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ICTs and Energy Efficiency

ICTs are part of the solution to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions in all sectors of society.

ITU develops policies and international standards which aim to reduce the amount of energy required to provide ICT products and services.

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Sustainable Management of e-Waste

ITU works on e-waste management and other environmental issues including life cycle analysis of ICT products and processes and use of more environmentally friendly materials and e-waste disposal.  

ITU is also involved with standardization activities related to the safety and environmental performance of ICT equipment and facilities, including the avoidance of hazardous materials.

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Global Portal on ICTs and Environment

The ITU Global Portal on ICTs, the environment and climate change features ITU-T Green ICT Standards, and provides current external resources related to ICTs and climate change, e-waste, energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and smart sustainable cities.

Please consult our Global Portal on ICTs & Environment.