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Marie-Thérèse Alajouanine

ITU regrets to announce the death of Marie-Thérèse Alajouanine (1950-2013).

Marie-Thérèse was a valued and prolific contributor to the work of ITU and as such a familiar face, will be sadly missed by the many colleagues and delegates of the various ITU groups that she led with vision and energy.

In her home country of France she was a founder of L’Autorité de Régulation des Communications Electroniques et des Postes (ARCEP) the national regulator of France and was seen as a pillar of public policy in the telecommunications arena by her colleagues there and abroad.

Indeed on January 1st of this year she was nominated by the President of the Republic as Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur, an outstanding and deserved accolade.

Since 2001, she had been responsible for international standardization coordination in ARCEP. As head of delegation she regularly exhibited a much-appreciated voice of reason and the spirit of arbitration so often necessary to move forward on difficult issues at the international level.

Marie-Thérèse was the first woman to have been appointed as an ITU-T Study Group chair and was an undeniably powerful force behind ITU-T’s Study Group 2, the international group responsible for telecommunications numbering plans between 2004 and 2012. She also headed the editorial committees at the 2002, 2006 and 2010 Plenipotentiary Conferences, at the World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC) 2010, the World Radiocommunication Conference 2012 (WRC-12), the World Telecommunication Standardization Assemblies in 2004, 2008 and 2012 (WTSA-04, WTSA-08 and WTSA-12) and the World Conference on International Telecommunications 2012 (WCIT-12). In 2000 she served as Vice-Chairman of the World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA).

Marie-Thérèse received an Engineer in Physics Diploma of Industrial Companies Management with additional studies in telecommunications. She occupied various positions within France Telecom between 1975 and 2001 including: deputy Director of the GSM Program, and deputy Director for International Standardization.

Marie-Thérèse was also an active participant in CEPT groups (European Posts and Telecommunications Administrations Association) dealing with ITU matters. In particular she was in charge of the CEPT project team dealing with the preparation of European positions for the World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA).

Marie-Thérèse will be sorely missed by all those who have had the pleasure of working with her.

We would like to thank the many that have sent messages of condolence all of which were captured in a book and sent to Marie-Thérèse's family.

We have received the following message from her family:

J'ai bien reçu le livre de condoléances en fin de semaine dernière et je vous en remercie.
C'est un très beau document.
Certes, c'est douloureux de replonger dans les obsèques 3 mois après, mais en même temps c'est réconfortant de voir tous ces messages élogieux venus du monde entier; finalement sa famille n'a pas encore fini de découvrir qui était Marie-Thérèse...
Encore tous nos remerciements à l'ensemble de l'UIT et à M. Malcolm Johnson en particulier.
Pour le père et les frères de Marie-Thérèse

J.Pierre Alajouanine