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Identity Summit

Today, there is a great need for developing technologies aimed to increasing trust in online identities and transactions. Many initiatives are recognizing that global standards for providing higher identity authentication assurance, higher trust and confidence in the exchange and verification of identity credentials, secure computing and trusted platforms, protecting individual identities and their privacy need to be developed.

The emergence of Cloud computing necessitate the need for investigating federation relationships and trust using multiple trust frameworks. As the move to cloud computing continues, there will be increasing need for defining and standardizing trust frameworks that enable policy makers across various markets to set the security and privacy rules for identity service providers and relying parties. Within the Clouds, Trust Frameworks provide the foundations for the sharing of identity using standard based profiles that ensure security, privacy and enhanced adoption.

Q10/17 is pleased to organize the Identity Summit as a public event. The objectives of the summit are to gather a larger number of experts in the field to help Q10/17 progress its work into various Identity Management areas. The program is available via goto meeting facilities for remote participation.


Draft Programme

10 December 2010
13:30-19:00 hours


  • "Welcome and Overview of IdM related work in SG 17", Abbie Barbir, PhD., Rapporteur Q10/17 (IdM Question), and Erik Andersen Rapporteur Q11 (Directory services/Systems, public-key/attribute certificates)
  • "Open Identity Trust Frameworks: A Market Solution to Online Identity Trust", Don Thibeau, Chairman and President, The Open Identity Exchange and Joni Brenan, Kantara Initiative, Managing Director
  • "OpenID & oAuth 2.0 achieving higher levels of assurance", John Bradley, OpenID Board of Directors
  • "Identity Management in 3GPP", Silke Holtmanns, Nokia (Rapporteur of IdM related specifications/reports in 3GPP SA3 Security
  • "Federating Trust Services", Peter Alterman, PhD., Senior Advisor to the CIO for Strategic Initiatives National Institutes of Health, USA, OASIS IDTrust Steering Committee
  • "ISO TC68 Financial Services – Identity and Authentication", Jeff Stapleton, Global Information Security, Bank of America – X9F4 Cryptographic Protocol and Application Security Working Group – CISSP, CTGA and former QSA
  • "The User-Managed Access protocol", Eve Maler, Paypal, Chair of Kantara UMA WG and Joni Brenan, Kantara Initiative, Managing Director[PRESENTATION]
  •  Panel: "Data Protection, Privacy and root of Trust in the Cloud", Panel Chair: CA Technologies and Chair OASIS IDtrust Member Section

    Panelists: [PANEL]

    • Nat Sakimura, NRI, Japan, Chair OASIS Open Reputation Management work ORMS TC
    • Dominique Nguyen, Ph.D., CISSP, Sr. Architect, Global Information Security, Bank of America
    • Anil Seldana, Chair OASIS ID Cloud TC, IDtrust Member Section Steering Committee, Redhat
    • Tony Nadalin, Microsoft
  • "Privacy Management Standards What They Are and Why They Are Needed Now", John Sabo, CA Technologies and Chair OASIS IDtrust Member Section
  • "Bringing Root of Trust into IA", Shahrokh Shahidzadeh, Intel Corp. Sr Principal Technologist, Software and Services Group, Sergiu Ghetie, Intel Corp., Principal Security architect, Security and Business Integrity - Intel Corp.
  •  John Bradley, Chair Kantara Leadership Council, Chair Federation Interoperability Work Group
  • "An overview of KI Telco ID WG", Jonas Hogberg, Ericsson, Co-Chair Telecommunications Identity Group Kantara Initiative
  • “The ABA Legal Task Force Building an Online Identity Legal Framework “ by Thomas J. Smedinghoff, Co-Chair, ABA Federated Identity Management Legal Task Force
  • Summary and Closing Remarks, Abbie Barbir, PhD.