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Question 2/12

Question 2/12 – Definitions, guides and frameworks related to QoS/QoE
(Continuation of Question 1/12 Part 2)


​​This Question covers the recommendations for definitions needed for supporting new or revised Recommendations developed in the other Study Group 12 Questions.
Additionally, this Question addresses the need for new participants in the ITU-T need to understand the concepts and the recommendations on QoS, telephonometry, transmission quality, etc. Handbooks and guides can be developed to serve this purpose. To help all members and inform them on the work done in the Study Group, it is useful to create tutorials, frameworks, FAQ, reference implementations, etc., and post them on the SG website.
The following major Recommendations/Handbooks, in force at the time of approval of this Question, fall under its responsibility:
  • Recommendations P.10/G.100, G.100.1, P.800.1, G.1000
  •  Handbook on QoS; Handbook on Network Planning; Handbook on Practical Subjective Testing Procedures; Handbook on Telephonometry.
Study items include, but are not limited to:
  • What new or revised definitions need to be included in Recommendation P.10/G.100?
  • What are the new sections to be written to update the handbooks? How could we ensure greater visibility and better use of these materials?
  • What kind of materials (FAQ, reference implementations, tutorial etc.) could be made available on the SG website?
  • What guides would be needed to help the users to implement the new recommendations?
Tasks include, but are not limited to:
  • to drive actions to update existing recommendations, or to create new recommendations on definitions.
  • to update or produce handbooks, guides, tutorials for the benefit of the users of the recommendations.
  • to create tools that could help non-experts to understand and implement the new recommendations. Some of these tools should be implemented on the SG website.
An up-to-date status of work under this Question is contained in the SG 12 work programme
  •  All Recommendations under the responsibility of SG 12
  • All Handbooks under the responsibility of other SG 12 Questions
  • All/12
Study Groups
  •  ITU-T, ITU-R and ITU-D Study Groups with activities related to QoS
Standardization bodies