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​In accordance with WTSA Resolution 54 (Creation of regional groups), Resolution 72 (Measurement concerns related to human exposure to electromagnetic fields), Resolution 73 (Information and communication technologies, environment and climate change) and Resolution 79 (The role of telecommunications / information and communication technology in handling and controlling e-waste from telecommunication and information technology equipment and methods of treating it), ITU-T Study Group 5, at its meeting in February 2013, created the SG5 Regional Group for Asia Pacific. The objectives of this Regional Group include, but are not limited to, the dissemination of the studies on electromagnetic environment, human exposure to EMF, as well as ICT and climate change, to encourage the participation of its countries in the SG5 events and to establish a link to attend Asia Pacific countries needs regarding the issues covered by SG5 mandate.

Terms of Reference

Working methods

​Most of the work should be done with electronic tools, for example the available Web Conferencing Tools.
The SG5 Regional Group for Asia Pacific will have a face to face meetings during each SG5 meeting and inform the SG5 Plenary.

SG5 RG-AP Mailing List

​In order to subscribe to the new sg5rgap mailing list, a TIES or a Guest account is required. TIES users can subscribe directly. If you do not yet have a TIES account, but are eligible for one, please apply for one here: If not, you can create a Guest account here: Once you have your Guest account, please send your request via email to