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Simple ways to be smart NEW
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​The term “smart city" conjures up images of futuristic, high-tech large cities that are clean, efficient, and a delight to live in. A common perception is that smart cities are all larger cities that function smoothly, are well resourced and with deep skill bases, that can be drawn on to develop sophisticated, high-tech interventions. However, smart technologies and ideas have relevance for all cities and settlements as they enable better city management and operation and can improve quality of life. This report on Simple ways to be smart was conceived to identify smart interventions that do not require excessive material or capacity inputs, and yet can help cities and settlements to become more inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable.​
​March 2021
​Blockchain for smart sustainable cities

​The Blockchain for Smart Sustainable Cities contains insights into the multifaceted potential of blockchain technology in building trust in the SSC endeavours, by supporting the creation of an effective, secure and scalable distributed architecture to tackle challenges related to interoperability, security and privacy, data collection, data sharing and data analytics. Through the analysis of a series of urban blockchain use-cases, this report provides key recommendations on overcoming procedural and substantive constraints in blockchain implementation for smart city transitions and presents the 4S framework (Situation, Sustainability, Smartness and Suitability) for understanding the vital dimensions and patterns for the application of blockchain in smart cities.
​November 2020
​Accelerating city transformation using frontier technologies 


​The report aims to shed light on the impact of frontier technologies in cities and on citizens. This report will provide insights into the current urbanisation trends and provide an overview of the importance of connecting cities with the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

​September 2020
U4SSC Brochure: A UN initiative 


​This publication provides information on the United for Smart Sustainable Cities (U4SSC) initiative. The U4SSC serves as the global platform to advocate for public policy and to encourage the use of ICTs to facilitate and ease the transition to smart sustainable cities.
​June 2020
​A Guide to Circular Cities 


​The Guide for Circular Cities contains a circular city implementation framework that is designed to improve circularity in cities and support stakeholders in implementing circular actions. The framework consists of a four-step methodology that provides a consistent method for assessing, prioritising and catalysing different circular actions. This deliverable is developed in response to the growing sustainability challenges that cities are facing and the emergence of the circular economy concept and its applicability and extension in the city setting.
The Guide for Circular Cities is complemented by the following case studies: 
​June 2020
City Sc​ience Application Framework 

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The City Science Application Framew​ork provides a four-step methodology for cities to solve their pressing urban challenges. By using empirical evidence as the basis for evaluation, the city science application framework offers a reliable and consistent way for cities to assess, prioritize an​​d boost their city applicatio​ns. ​​

The report includes the following case studies on city science application:
October 2019
Connecting cities and communities with the Sustainable Development GoalsAccess to the Flipbook
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​This publication provides an overview of how cities can use ICTs to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It also maps the case studies to the various international agreements as well as to the SDGs.September 2017
Enhancing innovation and participation in smart sustainable citiesAccess to the Flipbook
(available in English)
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​This publication provides a series of case studies on smart governance, smart people and smart economy, which will catapult successful smart city practices into the global spotlight.
September 2017
Implementing SDG11 by connecting sustainability policies and urban-planning practices through ICTsAccess to the Flipbook
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​This publication provides a study of the advantages of using ICTs to support the implementation of the SDGs, namely SDG 11, by facilitating the missing linkages that exist between sustainability policies and urban-planning practices through digitally-enabled urban actions.
September 2017
Collection Methodology for Key Performance Indicators for Smart Sustainable Cities
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This publication provides cities with a methodology on how to collect core data or information linked to key performance indicators (KPIs) for smart sustainable cities (SSC). This set of KPIs for SSC was developed to establish the criteria for assessing the smartness and sustainability of a city, and to provide cities with the means for self-assessments, while simultaneously achieving the SDGs.
September 2017