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​​​​13 Argentine universities and research establishments join ITU-T

​12 September 2014 - ITU is pleased to announce that 13 Argentine universities and research establishments have joined ITU-T as part of a government initiative. The initiative aims to further engage the academic institutions of Argentina in global standards development. Argentina is identifying key expertise in different univeristies in order for the leading professors of these institutions to form part of "Team Argentina" at ITU. In one bold move, Argentina will dramatically increase its presence in the various study groups of ITU-T and thus strengthen its ability to help shape key decisions in the Union.

​​​​ITU-T to initiate work on mobile money based on a proposal from new ITU-T Sector Member, Bill​ & Melinda Gates Foundation

​25 June 2014 - ITU has established a new Focus Group on Digital ​Financial Services to promote financial inclusion using information and communication technologies (ICT) in response to a proposal from ITU-T Sector Member, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. "Having a strong partner like ITU working to advance financial inclusion in developing countries and emerging markets by harnessing the power of digital technologies will be instrumental in helping to create opportunities for people to build better li​​​​​ves" said Rodger Voorhies, Director of the Financial Services for the Poor team at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.​​ Read more​

Vodafone Qatar becomes an ITU-T Sector Member

​4 June 2014 - Vodafone Qatar has joined ITU-T as a Sector Member.  Kyle Whitehall, Chief Executive Officer of Vodafone Qatar: " We're very honoured and excited to be part of this prestigious organization and to join hands with the world's experts to help take the ICT industry, especially in Qatar, to newer heights in line with Qatar's vision to become one of the world's leading smart cities by 2030". Read more​ ​

Member of all 3 Sectors, du visits ITU headquarters

​5 May 2014 - ITU recently had the pleasure of welcoming du's Director of External Affairs, Mr Rashid Al Ahmedi, to its headquarters. Mr Al Ahmedi's visit provided a useful opportunity to discuss future collaboration between ITU-T and U.A.E. Sector Member du on a wide range of topics such as IPTV, E-Health, Smart Cities and Big Data. Read more