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ITU-T and TSB Documentation

These documents are not to be confused with ITU-T publications (including ITU-T Recommendations) which are made available to the general public for purchase through the ITU Sales Service.
  • TSB Circulars
    These letters are addressed to all the participants in the work of the Sector and contain information of general interest such as the meeting schedule, work procedures, the list of hotels, etc. Study groups diffuse Circulars in order to implement the provisions of WTSA regarding the approval and deletion of recommendations or to distribute questionnaires. TSB Circulars are posted on the ITU-T Website and do not have restricted access.
  • TSB Collective-letters
    These letters issue from study groups and are addressed to the participants which have registered to receive the documents of the study group concerned. Collective-letters are used to convene meetings or collect information of interest to the study group. Collective-letters are posted on the relevant study group page on the ITU-T Website and do not have restricted access.
  • Meeting Documents

    The following meeting documents are posted on the appropriate study groups' pages.