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Global Portal on ICTs & Environment

green initiatives-greener.jpg The ITU Global Portal on ICTs, the environment and climate change features ITU-T Green ICT Standards, and provides current external resources  related to ICTs and climate change.

ITU-T Green ICT Standards

shutterstock_33370924-Converted.pngITU develops Green ICT Standards to create, enable and ensure  regulation for Green ICTs; continuing its aim on closing the standard­ization gap.

Climate Change

7.pngPromoting the use of ICTs in both climate change adaptation  and mitigation, for the prevention of environ­mental degradation and the reduction of GHG emissions.

Smart Water Management

Smart Sustainable Cities


Maximizing contributions of ICTs to smart grids and smart meters, smart buildings and urban planning as well as smart mobility and ​electric vehicles  towards    the development of smart sustainable cities.

E-waste and Circular Economy

 3.pngEmpowering institutional and governmental capabilities on the reduction of E-Waste and municipal waste.





Cloud Computing and Data Centers


shutterstock_115109464-[Converted]-v2-2.pngRealizing the potential of cloud computing and data centres on environ­mental sustainability and climate change mitig­ation and adaptation.


Creating ICT infrastructures  that boost a city's resilience to climate change.  

Green ICT Procurement

4.png Strengthening capacities within institutions to procure the appropriate Smart Logistics and Green ICTs.





Greening ICT Supply Chains


shutterstock_167614262 [Converted]-02.pngAdvocating the Greening of ICT supply chains for sustainability as well as the use of ICT tools to help measure, certify and lower the impact of the supply chain of other products   


Setting environmental requirements for 5G technology which include topics on energy efficiency, protection against environmental phenomena and electromagnetic compatibility.