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Questionnaire on High Frequency Broadcasting (HFBC)
The aim of this questionnaire is to gather information related to different aspects of the use of the High Frequency (Short Wave) Broadcasting service. The Radiocommunication Bureau intends to assess the particulars collected from your replies, in order to:

  • - improve the planning procedure,
  • - provide a more complete and reliable HFBC database,
  • - review the HF broadcasting reference tables,
  • - put in place modern electronic means of communication between the Bureau and the notifiers, i.e. web application, online database.

The Bureau counts on the collaboration of all administrations, broadcasters, frequency managers or other organizations concerned to respond to the questionnaire by 15 January 2018, (it will be definitely closed on 31 March 2019).

If you want to submit documents with information complementing your answers to the questionnaire, you can send them to


Part I - Contact Details

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Prefix *:

Last Name *:

First Name *:

Job Position *:

Email Address *:

Type of Organization *:

Code (Administrations):
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Code (FMORGs):
If you selected "Other", specify:

Part II - Use of High Frequency Broadcasting Service

1. Does your organization use or will use a HFBC Service between 5900 kHz and 26100 kHz under the scope of Article 12 of the Radio Regulations? *

If you answered "Yes" indicate starting year and purpose.
If you answered "No" go directly to Part III of the questionnaire.
Starting year (yyyy)


2. What is your target service area? (Indicate the CIRAF zones): (See the map for the zone numbers)

3. Which HFBC bands do you use? (check one or more):

4. Are you aware of the frequencies reserved for International Radio for Disaster Relief (IRDR)? (See Rec. ITU-R BS.2107)

5. Indicate the site codes of your transmitting stations:

Stations in operation:

Stations no longer in operation:
(but appearing in the reference table)

Stations not listed in the reference table:

6. Indicate the antenna codes of your transmitting stations (references: BR document Transmitting antennas for HF broadcasting and Rec. ITU-R BS. 705-1)

Part III - Planning and Coordination

7. Are you familiar with the regulatory publication "HFBC Schedule"?

8. Are/were you a subscriber of the ITU HFBC Schedule?
If you selected "Yes",
indicate subscription dates
From year (yyyy):
To year (yyyy):

9. Currently the Schedule is published on a CD-ROM. Do you think that an online publication would be convenient?

specify reason:

10. Do you use a software for the planning of your HFBC service:

Which software do you use?

If you selected "Other", specifiy:

11. Do you regularly notify your HFBC service to the ITU according to RR12?

If you answered "No", indicate reason:

12. Are you a member of an existing HFBC Regional Coordination Group:

If you answered "Yes" indicate which one:

13. Do you regularly notify your HFBC service to your Regional Coordination Group?

If you answered "No", indicate the reason:

14. Do you coordinate your HFBC schedules?

If you answered "Yes", how do you coordinate them?

If you selected "Other", specify:

15. Do you regularly participate in the coordination meetings organized by the Regional Coordination Groups?

If you answered "Yes", how do you participate in the coordination process?

If you answered "No", indicate the reason:

16. Additional Comments: