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PP-18 coneference

High Frequency Broadcasting Schedule

HF Broadcasting Schedules are issued at the end of each month with the exception of June. They contain the combined scheduled notified to the ITU by the Administrations or other broadcasting organisations for the corresponding season. Schedules are generally posted two weeks after the end date for submission.

 HF Broadcasting Seasons

Season from to
A18   25/3/2018   28/10/2018  
B18   28/10/2018   31/3/2019  



Published editions

Edition Type Name
October 2018   b18s1.txt  
September 2018   b18t2.txt  
August 2018   b18t1.txt  
July 2018   a18s3.txt  
May 2018   a18s2.txt  
April 2018   b17f.txt  

Deadlines for submission

Month Edition Deadline for submission
July 2018   A18S3   15/7/2018  
August 2018   B18T1   19/8/2018  
Septenber 2018   B18T2   23/9/2018  
October 2018   B18S1   21/10/2018  
December 2018   B18S2   16/12/2018  
April 2019   B18F   22/4/2019  

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