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High Frequency Broadcasting Schedule

HF Broadcasting Schedules are issued at the end of each month with the exception of June. They contain the combined scheduled notified to the ITU by the Administrations or other broadcasting organisations for the corresponding season. Schedules are generally posted two weeks after the end date for submission.

In order to facilitate the communication between the BR and the notifying organizations and the coordination of the HFBC requirements through the use of modern electronic communication means, the publication of HFBC schedules and compatibility analysis results on CD-ROM will be discontinued from 1 January 2019 and replaced by free of charge online publications.

ITU HFBC Schedule Online publications:


  • HFBC Schedule B19T2, September 2019
  • HFBC Schedule B19T1, August 2019
  • HFBC Schedule A19S3, July 2019
  • HFBC Schedule A19S2, May 2019
  • HFBC Schedule B18F, Apr 2019


Installation notes:

​In order to open the Schedule using the ITU HFBC software, you need to:

  • Download the file.
  • Run and Unzip the Schedule.

​HF Broadcasting seasons:

A19   31/3/2019   27/10/2019  
B18   28/10/2018   31/3/2019  

Published editions (in text format only)

Edition Type Name
September 2019   b19t2.txt  
August 2019   b19t1.txt  
July 2019   a19s3.txt  
May 2019   a19s2.txt  
April 2019   b18f.txt  

Deadlines for submission

Month Edition Deadline for submission
July 2019   A19S3   14/7/2019  
August 2019   B19T1   11/8/2019  
September 2019   B19T2   22/9/2019  
October 2019   B19S1   20/10/2019  
November 2019   A19F   17/11/2019  
December 2019   B19S2   15/12/2019