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Download ITU HF software

​ITU HFBC software is consistent with the general principles set out in Article 12 and the specifications in Res.535(Rev.WRC-03) . It was developed in close consideration with Administrations, broadcasters, and existing HFBC regional coordination groups.

ITUHFBC - HF Calculation software

  • ​Install:   ITUHFBC53_setup.exe (17.8 MB)
    (version released: January 2013)
  • Description:  Assess performance of requirements (basic and overall service reliability), select a suitable frequency band for a requirement; and carry out what-if studies to search for solutions to minimize interference between services. 

HFBCREQ - Data capture software 

  • Install:   HFBCREQ14_setup.exe (12 MB)
    (version released: January 2013)
  • Description:  Prepares amendments to requirements and create file in appropriate electronic format for submitting to the Bureau.

HFBCVAL - HF Data Validation software

  • Install:   HFBCVAL20_setup.exe (10.7 MB)
    (version released: November 2008)
  • Description:  Quick validation of the requirement file for notification.

HFBCANT - HF Antenna Calculation software

  • ​Install:   HFBCANT10_setup.exe (8.7 MB)
    (version released: September 2003)
  • Description:  Calculates the HF transmitting antenna patterns.