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​GIMS incremental update (BRIFIC 2709)

​The GIMS incremental update of BR IFIC 2709 is provided online as it was missing from the BR IFIC 2709 CD-ROM.

Please note that this update is needed only for users which will not have a BR IFIC DVD-ROM more recent than BR IFIC 2709 dated 11 December 2011 as starting from BR IFIC 2710, the complete GIMS database will be published on the IFIC DVD. Please refer to the document gimsdb_*.pdf in the Databases\GIMS_Data\ folder of the IFIC DVD for database setup instructions.


If you need to perform this update, please follow the instructions below:
  1. Download and unzip (file below these instructions)
  2. Start up GIMS.
  3. On the Database menu, click Incremental Update.
  4. In the GIMS Database Tools window,
    1. select the folder where you unzipped the file gupdate.mdb
    2. select the database that you want to update (usually REFDB)
  5. Click the Start button to start the incremental update process.


GIMS incremental update file of BR IFIC 2709: