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BDT Director's Speeches

2nd Preparatory Meeting for WTDC
Lusaka, Zambia  17 February 2014

Excellences, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,
It is a privilege for me to be here, in the beautiful city of Lusaka, to attend the second African Preparatory Meeting for the sixth World Telecommunications Development Conference – better known as WTDC - which will take place in Dubai from 30 March to 10 April.
Africa’s first regional preparatory meeting, held in October 2013 in Accra, was very successful, with 254 participants from 30 Member States, Sector Members and other organizations.
At that meeting, African countries proposed five regional initiatives and agreed on priority areas, all of which are meant to guide the work of the Telecommunication Development Bureau in the Region for the next four years.
As we all know, the World Telecommunication Development Conference represents a great opportunity to take stock of our achievements in the ICT sector.
I am pleased to humbly say that the achievements have been very significant. As we start this 2nd Regional Preparatory Meeting to WTDC, let me briefly mention few key aspects of the implementation of the Hyderabad Action Plan.
When I took office in 2011, I put the implementation of the Regional Initiatives at the top of my priorities. For that reason, I doubled the seed money allocated to Regional Initiatives from the ITU regular budget to serve as seed money during our resource mobilization efforts.
I am pleased to report that today, BDT is running 73 active projects valued at $76 plus million US Dollars.
Further, I want to report that I successfully took steps to strengthen the ITU Regional presence by harmonizing the staff structure of the field offices. As a result, the Area Offices of Harare and Yaoundé have now one more professional staff.
Staff in the field has been empowered to work closely with the membership, the regional telecommunication organizations, our partners and other stakeholders to deliver results on the ground and impact the economic and social environment for the benefits of all the people.
I have also put a lot of emphasis on the work of the Study Groups and on creating synergy between the Study Groups, BDT Programmes and Regional Initiatives.
All actions taken and results achieved were reported in detail during the Regional Preparatory meeting in Accra.

Distinguished Delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen

As we lead to WTDC on 30 March I am pleased to share with you few ideas as food for thoughts
The expected outputs of the WTDC-14 are mainly the Dubai Declaration, the ITU-D contribution to the Strategic Plan of ITU, the Dubai Action Plan, Resolutions and Recommendations and the election of Officers for TDAG and the Study Groups.
This development conference is taking is taking place at the inflexion point of the ICT sector where the convergence of infrastructure, services and services providers has become a reality. This conference is taking place at the moment when the emergence of new players and other game changers requires that all stakeholders invent themselves.
In order for the conference to benefit from and take into account in its deliberation this new ecosystem of the ICT, I have decided to organize an Executive Strategic Dialogue that will be held on the 29 March from 2 to 3:30 PM. It is a panel discussion at ministerial and CEO level. An individual letter has been sent to all Ministers to participate. I hope to see as many African Ministers as possible. You are all welcome to accompany your ministers and head of delegations.
The Dubai Action plan will be built around result based management principles. In order for all the delegates to start the meeting with a common understanding of the terminology of Result Based management and how it will apply to the Strategic Plan and Dubai Action Plan, I have decided to hold an Information session on Result Based Management and Strategic Planning on 29the March from 3:45 to 5 PM. You are all kindly invited to these meetings.
As far as the resolutions and recommendations are concerned, let me say that WTDC-06 came out with 47 resolutions and WTDC-10 came out with 60 resolutions. When you look at these resolutions you will noticed that some of them are about the same subject matter. My suggestion is that instead of having a proliferation of resolutions, we could combine some of them and reflect some others in the programmes.
For the election of the officers of TDAG and Study Group, I have requested the cooperation of the Regional organization to help coordinate at regional level and suggest consensus proposals.
Let me assure you that my team and I continue to work hard in preparing a successful WTDC. During these two days Andrew Rugege the Regional Director for Africa and I are at your disposal
I wish you enjoyable and fruitful deliberations.
Thank you for your kind attention.