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SSDM Third Advisory Board Meeting
Budapest, Hungary  11 October 2015


Third Advisory Board Meeting, 11 October 2015

Budapest, Hungary

Opening remarks by Mr Brahima Sanou, BDT Director, ITU


Mr. Chairman,

Mr. Vice-Chair,

Distinguished Advisory Board Members of the Smart Sustainable Development Model Initiative,

Good morning.

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is my utmost pleasure to welcome you here in Budapest, on the occasion of the Third Advisory Board meeting of the Smart Sustainable Development initiative.

I am pleased to see you all and would like to thank you for your continuous efforts and presence despite your busy agendas. This is a confirmation of your commitment to improving and saving people's lives through technology.

The Task Force Reports you have in front of you today is the result of your hard work and commitment. I know that in the past 12 months you have been working very hard as members of the Advisory Board. Your Taskforces have resulted in valuable reports under the themes:

a. Resource Mobilization Taskforce

b. Advocacy and Global Dialogue Taskforce, and

c. Innovation Taskforce

I would like to thank you all for the excellent work that you have done and for the results that are now before us.

This work that you have done will be integrated into the work of the BDT related to both development and emergency telecommunications and I am sure that you will also use this fantastic work in your work place.

I am pleased to inform you that some of your ideas are already incorporated into the ongoing Connectivity Project for the Pacific.  That project will also be replicated in the Caribbean.

Through your work, I believe that we can achieve Universal Service in both access and affordable use of ICT for development and for saving human lives.

This SSDM Advisory Board meeting is very timely as it takes place on the eve of one of ITU's flagship events: Telecom World 2015. It provides a great opportunity to meet and discuss issues you are working on with several ICT leaders.

Please be the Ambassadors of the work we are doing in the SSDM.

We can also use, as an outreach channel, the BDT workshop on emergency telecommunication at Telecom World 2015 to be held on Tuesday 13th of October in Conference Room 2 at 10am. 

Before I conclude my brief remarks let me thank Mr. Houlin ZHao for his unwavering support and commitment to SSDM initiative.

I will now hand over to our Chairperson, my brother and friend José, who in his capacity of Vice Chair is chairing this meeting on behalf of our Chairman Hon. Minister John Nasasira, who could not be with us for reasons beyond his control.

Thank you.