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  • Geneva, Switzerland  10 July 2014
    Boosting Arabic digital content: new report examines challenges and opportunities

    ​Arabic digital content constitutes around 3 per cent of all digital content, says a new report, co-produced by ITU, and UNESCWA. The study examines the share of Arabic digital content on the Internet and highlights challenges and opportunities.

    The Arab region has 96 million Internet users and 350 million mobile subscribers. However, the digital gap is still large between the Arab region and the rest of the world and among Arab countries themselves and also within each country between rural and urban areas.

    "The vast deployment of ICT infrastructure, and the wide array of fixed and mobile communication devices that are penetrating all corners of the Arab region, is granting unprecedented access to information," said Mr Brahima Sanou. "The Arab region has a huge potential to increase the Arabic digital content and requires everyone's support to achieve its objectives."

    The report analyses the presence of digital content in the governmental, personal and social, and commercial domains and proposes recommendations to stakeholders, especially policy makers.

    "The promising and increasing levels of regional cooperation among stakeholders in the Arab region on this issue convinces me, now more than ever, that Arabic digital content will fulfill its potential in the near future," said Mr Sanou.

    The report, launched on 13 June 2014 during WSIS+10, is currently available on the ITU Arab Regional Office website in Arabic and French. The English version will be available soon.