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  • Geneva, Switzerland  25 January 2018
    ITU and Poland sign agreement to map the country’s current ICT infrastructure

    The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the Government of Poland's Office of Electronic Communication (UKE) signed an agreement on 25 January 2018 to produce updated comprehensive and interactive terrestrial transmission maps of Poland's information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure.

    The signing extends for a further two years an existing agreement signed in November 2013. The new transmission maps produced through this extension will take stock of Poland's national broadband connectivity including optical fibres and microwaves – as well as other key ICT sector metrics.

    "The mapping of physical ICT infrastructure, as well as quality of services provided over the networks, has become essential for both service providers and end users," said Brahima Sanou. "Policymakers, regulators and operators will be empowered to identify areas that need additional investment, while at the same time ensure the infrastructure is robust, accessible and affordable to everyone. ITU is proud to collaborate with UKE in this mapping exercise."

    "UKE closely cooperates with ITU and shares data on telecommunications infrastructure in Poland. Thanks to the global broadband map created by ITU and UKE, all interested stakeholders will have access to current data on global ICT connectivity," said UKE President Marcin Cichy. "Policy makers and regulators will be able to assess the status of national connectivity and to identify gaps enabling the design of targeted strategies and implementation programmes for increasing the use of broadband. It will also serve as a management tool for industry – informing market opportunities and facilitating investment decisions."

    At the most recent World Telecommunication Development Conference, held in October 2017, ITU's Telecommunication Development Bureau was mandated to collect and disseminate information and analyses on the current status of broadband backbone and submarine cables in order to assist members in network planning, avoiding duplication of efforts and resources, and disseminating information on different countries' experiences with the use of different technologies and services. Included in this mandate, is the creation of an online Interactive Transmission Map of national backbone worldwide connectivity (e.g. optical fibres, microwaves, submarine cables, and satellite earth stations) as well as other key ICT sector metrics.