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ITU-D Study Group related videos


    ​This website shares ITU-D Study Groups related interviews conducted during the 2014-2017 study period.

    ​Appointed ITU-D Study Group 1 and 2 Management Team members share their thoughts about the new study period (2014-2017) during the annual September 2014 meetings. They discuss their vision for the ITU-D Study Groups and some of the hottest topics in the telecommunication/ICT field that will be debated during the study cycle. Thought are also shared on what are some of the most useful deliverables and services to the ITU membership to come out of the work of the ITU-D Study Groups, and the main challenges the ITU-D Study Groups will face to achieve their expected results.

    ITU-D Study Group 1

    Ms Roxanne McElvane: Chair ITU-D Study Group 1

    In this interview, Ms McElvane says that, in the current study cycle (2014-2017), ITU-D Study Group 1 will build on the results achieved during the previous cycle and harmoniously work towards a rich and accurate view of the future we want for the ICT sector. Ms McElvane is a Senior Counselor at the US Federal Communications Commission.


    Ms Roxanne McElvane - September 2014

    Ms Blanca Maria Gonzalez: Vice-Chair Study Group 1

    In this interview Ms Gonzalez says some of the top issues under study include broadband access and the transition to digital broadcasting. She says the reports compiled by the study groups are a great source of information for the development of the telecommunication/ICT sector. Ms Gonzalez works in the office of the Spanish Secretary of State for Telecommunication and Information Society.


    Ms Blanca Maria Gonzalez - September 2014

    Mr Wesam Al-Ramadeen : Vice-Chairman ITU-D Study Group 1

    In this interview, Mr Wesam says that in order to maximize the values of the ITU-D Study Groups, all output should be relevant, reliable, innovative and practical to all our Members. He says some of the biggest issues Study Group 1 will be dealing with include efficient spectrum management and enhancing accessibility for people with disability. Mr Wesam is a Commissioner with the Jordan Telecommunications Regulatory Commission.


    Mr Wesam A-Ramadeen - September 2014

    Mr Vadym Kaptur: Vice-Chairman ITU-D Study Group 1

    In this interview, Mr Kaptur says that broadband access and issues such as cloud computing will be top on ITU-D Study Group 1’s agenda. He also added that the participation of Academia is crucial as it can provide research and contribute relevant case studies. Mr Kaptur is the Vice-Rector on Scientific Work at the Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications in Ukraine.


    Mr Vadym Kaptur - September 2014

    ITU-D Study Group 2

    Mr Christopher Kemei: Vice-Chairman ITU-D Study Group 2

    In this interview, Mr Kemei says that through collaboration and co-operation, the ITU-D Study Groups will, in the next few years come up with practical solutions that have an impact in people’s lives. The Study Group aims to develop solutions that make ICT systems secure and can be used with confidence by people in their daily lives. Mr Kemei is the Assistant Director of licensing and compliance at the Communications Commission of Kenya.


    Mr Christopher Kemei - September 2014

    Ms Aminata Kaba-Camara: Vice-Chair ITU-D Study Group 2

    In this interview, Ms Kaba-Camara says that creating synergies among the ITU Study Groups is of critical importance so that their output can benefit Member States, especially those from the developing world. Cybersecurity and efforts to ensure that users of ICTs are safe online are some of the key issues that will dominate the discussions. Ms Kaba-Camara is the Director of the Radiocommunication Department at the Autorité de Regulation des Postes et Télécommunication (ARPT) in Guinea.


    Ms Aminata Kaba-Camara - September 2014

    Mr Ananda Raj Khanal: Vice-Chairman ITU-D Study Group 2

    In this interview, Mr Khanal says that the reports of the ITU-D Study Group must be relevant to the needs of developing countries. He stressed that there is a need to reduce the huge digital divide that exists not just between the developed and the developing world but also within countries. Mr Khanal is the Director and Acting Chief of the Nepal Telecommunications Authority.


    Mr Ananda Raj Khanal - September 2014

    Meeting participants share their thoughts and ideas about the work under way during the April 2016 ITU-D Study Group 1 and 2 Rapporteur Group meetings.


    Ms Romain Abilé Houehou, Cordinateur RéCATIC, République de Bénin



    Mr Romain Abilé Houehou – April 2016



    Ms Tharalika Livera, Deputy Director, TRC, Sri Lanka



    Ms Tharalika Livera – April 2016


    Mr Deolindo Costa, ICT Advisor, Sao Tome and Principe



    Mr Deolindo Costa – April 2016


    Ms Caecila Nyamutswa, Director, Legal, Postal & Regulatory Authority, Zimbabwe



    Ms Caecila Nyamutswa – April 2016