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ITU Procedures and Digital Terrestrial Television, 24-26 September 2013, Athens, Greece

The Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks of Greece and the International Telecommunication Union, (ITU), jointly organized a three – day seminar "ITU Procedures and Digital Terrestrial Television".
The Ministry has set spectrum efficiency as a top priority, acknowledging its great impact in the economical growth and social wellness. Furthermore, the Ministry recognizes that its practitioners have to keep up with technological advancement and strengthen their skills in International Rules and Regulations, and therefore the training was set by the ITU to meet this Member State's needs.
The seminar intended to benefit the development of spectrum efficiency in the field Digital terrestrial TV, Digital Dividend and the International Regulation, by providing the three-day intensive training by the ITU experts.
The seminar, first and foremost, aimed to train the participants through a hands on experience in activities related to the transition to digital terrestrial broadcasting and ITU procedures (frequency notification, plan modification ITU forms submission, etc), while also focusing on the general purpose of notification to the Radiocommunication Bureau and more specifically the Plan modification and notification procedures under Articles 4 and 5 of the GE06 Agreement and share practical experience in preparing and submitting notices to the ITU-BR for GE06 Plan modification, and to the MIFR for all terrestrial services.
TOPICS of the Seminar
Overview of activities of the ITU concerning the transition to digital broadcasting
Overview notification process frequency
Notification procedure and  Article 11 of the Radio Regulations
Modification of the frequency plan GE-06
ITU procedures and cross-border frequency coordination
Practical training in ITU software
Digital Dividend
The Seminar agenda and presentation slides are available on the following website: 
Tuesday 24.09.2013
Wednesday 25.09.2013
Thursday 26.09.2013
Overview of the ITU activities on the digital broadcasting transition
AI1.1 & 1.2-WRC-15 as follow-up of WRC-12 Resolutions
Cross-border frequency coordination
Overview of Notification Procedure
Digital Dividend
Workshop continuation
Art. 11 Notification procedure
Roadmap for the digital broadcasting transition
GE06 Plan modification
Harmful Interference
Lunch break
Lunch break
Lunch break
Presentation BR IFIC + workshop
WISFAT + workshop
Open Discussion 
TerRaNotices  + workshop
ITU tools for GE06 Agreement + workshop