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ITU Asia-Pacific Events

​​​​Upcoming 2018 Events

14-16 March 2018, Philippines           
19-23 March 2018, Geneva Switzerland
26-30 March 2018           
Pacific Fraud Forum and Number Misappropriation
9-11 April 2018, Geneva, Switzerland
Telecommunication Development Advisory Group (TDAG-18)
16-20 April 2018, Kunming, China
ITU ASP CoE Training on "Monitoring RF Spectrum in Modern Wireless Era"​
​​17-27 April 2018, Geneva Switzerland
26 April 2018, Worldwide
International Girls in ICT Day
30 April - 3 May, 2018,  Ghaziabad, India
Mobile Broadband QoS (ITU ASP CoE Training)
12-16 May 2018, Tehran, I.R. Iran            
May 2018, Bangkok, Thailand            
Asia-Pacific Regional Development Forum 2018 (ASP-RDF)
May 2018, Bangkok, Thailand            
Asia-Pacific Digital Society Policy Forum 2018 (ITU/GSMA)
17 May 2018, Worldwide
World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD-18)
14-18 May 2018, Bangkok, Thailand
Internet and IPv6 Infrastructure Security (ITU ASP CoE Training)
June 2018, Bangkok, Thailand           
ASEAN Child Online Protection Forum
​​9-13 July 2018, Geneva, Switzerland
Global Symposium for Regulators 2018 (GSR-18)
[16-17] July 2018, Bangkok, Thailand
Annual Asia-Pacific Spectrum Management Conference
2018, Pacific
Interconnectivity Planning and Traffic Optimization (ITU ASP CoE Training)
[13-17] August 2018, Dhaka, Bangladesh             
Asia-Pacific Regulatory Roundtable and International Training Programme 2018
(RR-2018 & ITP-2018)
6-10 August 2018, Ghaziabad, India
IoT Technologies and Applications for Smart Cities (ITU ASP CoE Training)
​​​Aug/Sep 2018, [China]
FAO-ITU e-Agriculture Solutions Forum
2018, [Vietnam]            
Asia-Pacific Regional Forum on Smart Cities and e-Government 2018
September 2018, Busan, South Korea
Young ICT Leaders' Forum 2018 (YILF-18)
10-13 September 2018, Durban, South Africa            
3-6 ​September 2018, Bangkok, Thailand​
Blockchain Ecosystem and Decentralization (ITU ASP CoE Training)
September 2018, China
Conformity & Interoperability and 5G Planning
 (ITU ASP CoE Training)
​17-20 ​September 2018, Bangkok, Thailand​
OTT market analysis and competition regulation​ (ITU ASP CoE Training)
​​​29 October - 16 November 2018, Dubai, UAE
2018, Bangkok, Thailand​
Big Data Analytic and Data Visualization in Digital Age (ITU ASP CoE Training-MDES)
​​​3-7 December 2018, [venue to be confirmed]
World Telecommunications Indicators Symposium (WTIS-18)



7 May - 1 June 2018, ITU Academy [Distance Learning]​
5G Technologies (ITU ASP CoE Training)
23 April - 20 May, 2018, ITU Academy [Distance Learning]​
2-27 July 2018, ITU Academy [Distance Learning]
Digital payment technologies and systems (ITU ASP CoE Training)