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Workshop on Expert Level Training on Effective Price Regulation for Broadband

EffPriceRegBB Workshop


The introduction of next generation networks based on fibre optic cables, 4G mobile and IP transmission, and optimized for data rather than voice traffic means that regulators have to establish new costing and pricing approaches for the broadband era. In this brave new world new cost models are needed, but even more importantly regulators have to make the transition from ex-ante to ex-post market intervention, so that investment and innovation can thrive.


The focus of this training is to provide participants with concrete exercises and hands-on practice so that they can develop their own cost models. This training will provide a framework within which to understand the regulatory function, and will develop practical skills in effective price regulation.  Topics to be covered include:

  1. understanding the effective role of regulation in broadband pricing;
  2. knowing how and when to intervene on an ex-ante basis;
  3. knowing how and when to intervene on an ex-post basis;
  4. provision of  a detailed presentation of existing cost models and a look forward in adapting cost models to NGN.


    • ITU Member States
    • National Regulatory Authorities
    • Operators in the Caribbean

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