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Child online protection and safety is a shared responsibility. ITU committed to ensuring that the development of ICT applications and operation of services respects the rights of children as well as their protection and well‐being.” The Tunis Agenda declared “We will strengthen action to protect children from abuse and defend their rights in the context of ICTs. In that context, we emphasize that the best interests of the child are a primary consideration.” When a child is protected, a whole family is protected therefore it is important that we are all safe, secure and protected online. 

Safer Internet Day is celebrated globally in February each year to promote the safe and positive use of digital technology for children and young people and inspire national conversations. 

The idea of the rallying call came about after Child Online Africa (COA) a civil society based in Ghana but working in Africa tried the call on African countries with the aim of having content which is created for and by Africans in the quest to addressing the knowledge gaps inspired by Janice Richardson. The humble effort in 2019 resulted in having 13 African countries teaming up to have a celebration dubbed Safer Internet Day Africa in a way and manner which reinforced culture, context and relevance. The discussion about how to scale up this African experience and get the by-in of a wider audience across Africa was tabled at the Child Online Protection implementation Forum (Accra 2019) 2019 organized by ITU ROA in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications and the National Communications Authority of Ghana as part of the country’s Cyber Security month celebrations. Under the discussion on how to popularize the initiatives on the continent, there was a consensus at the forum that ITU Regional Office of Africa adapt and coordinate Safer Internet Day celebration annually called Africa Safer Internet Day (ASID) for the following reasons: 

1. To promote safe and responsible use of the space by all in Africa. 
2. To help bring to the fore peculiar issues relevant to the continent. 
3. To create the opportunity for an Africa led discussion supported with appropriate content. 

This website aims to educate, share information and raise awareness of Africa Safer Internet Day 2020 and the subsequent celebrations. 

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