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Projects in Asia Pacific Region

Asia-Pacific Regional Initiatives on Telecommunications

Asia-Pacific USO Forum

Assistance for the Establishment of Sector Governance in Telecommunications in East Timor

Assistance in Telecommunication Policies and Regulations in the Asia-Pacific Region

Assistance in Telecommunication/ICT in ASP Region

Assistance in Telecommunication/ICT in ASP Region (2011-2012)

Assistance in the Licensing of the Third Mobile Operator in Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Broadband Policies/Plans & Applications

Building capacity of harnessing ICTs for disempowered/marginalised communities in Sri Lanka

Capacity Building and ICT Policy, Regulatory and Legislative Frameworks Support for Pacific Island States

Capacity Building at Rural Internet Centres in Thailand

Capacity Building for Countering Misappropriation of Telephone Numbers in Pacific Island Countries

Centre of Excellence Network in the Asia-Pacific Region

CLMV Subregional Workshop on IP/NGN Technologies and Services (Cambodia, Lao P.D.R., Myanmar, Viet Nam)

Cybersecurity in Pacific Island Countries

Development of a Detailed Frequency Plan for FM Radio Services in Thailand

Development of a framework for introducing community TV broadcasting services in Thailand

Development of a Roadmap for Mobile Television Broadcasting Deployment and Regulation in Thailand

Development of Satellite Communications Capacity and Emergency Communications Solutions for the Pacific Islands

DTTB Frequency Planning & Measurement (Thailand)

DTTB Frequency Planning for Additional Sites (Thailand)

Emergency Telecommunications in Asia and the Pacific

Feasibility study of restoring connectivity through the use of the Moveable and Deployable ICT Resource Unit (MDRU) (Philippines)

Human Capacity Building in Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Protection

Human Capacity Building in Telecom/ICT Statistics and Indicators


ICT Policy & Regulatory Cooperation in the Asia Pacific region and addressing the unique ICT needs of the Pacific Island countries

Implementing Asia-Pacific Regional Initiatives

Implementing the Climate Change Adaptation Component of the Satellite Communications, Capacity, and Emergency Communications Solutions Project for the Small Island Developing States of the Pacific

ITU NBTC Human Capacity Building for Research in Thailand

ITU NBTC Training Program 2011

ITU NBTC Training Program 2013

ITU NBTC Training Program 2014

ITU NBTC Training Program 2015

ITU NBTC Training Programme 2012

ITU NBTC Training Programme 2016

ITU NBTC Training Programme 2017

ITU NTC Training Program 2010 (Thailand)

ITU TCI Training Program on NGN Migration Planning in Iran (Islamic Republic of)

ITU-IDA Executive Training Program on Enabling Frameworks for ICT Development

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