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Projects in Africa Region

Basic PC and Training Course in Zambia

Broadband Wireless Network - Burkina Faso

Broadband Wireless Network - Burundi

Broadband Wireless Network - Mali

Broadband Wireless Network - Rwanda

Broadband Wireless Network - Swaziland

Broadband Wireless Network in Africa

Broadband Wireless Network in the Kingdom of Lesotho

Capacity building and the development of ORTM Regional Stations

Capacity Building of Kenya Judiciary in ICT Laws Interpretation and Application

CoE Network for Africa

CoE Network for Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries in Africa

Computer Training and Braille transcribing service in Ethiopia

Connect a School, Connect a Community in Gambia

Connect a School, Connect a Community in Niger

Connect a school, connect a community in sub-Sahara Africa (Gambia, Niger, Tanzania)

Connect a School, Connect a Community in Tanzania

Creating a Cybercafé for the blind and visually impaired people in Burkina Faso

Creating a cyberspace and an integrated training center for people with disabilities in Mali

Direct assistance to Benin and Sierra Leone for transposition of ECOWAS, Supplementary Acts on the Harmonization of policies and regulatory framework for the ICTs

Enhanced Kenya CIRT/CC

Extension of Telemedicine to cover remote Areas in Zimbabwe

Feasibility Study on Digital Broadcasting Roadmap in Africa

ICT Applications Against Ebola Disease - Phase I

Internet Exchange Points (IXPs): keeping local Internet traffic local (Cape Verde, Equatorial Guinea)

ITU-MFAE Transposition of ECOWAS Directives in Burkina Faso and Senegal

Malawi Multi-purpose Community Telecentres Project

Master Plan for Wireless Broadband Access in Africa

Multipurpose Community Telecentres for Rural & Underserved areas of Sierra Leone

National CIRT Establishment

National CIRT Establishment- Burkina Faso

National CIRT Establishment in Burundi

National CIRT Establishment in Ghana

National CIRT Establishment in Ivory Coast

National CIRT Establishment in Kenya

National CIRT Establishment in Tanzania

National CIRT Establishment in The Gambia

National CIRT Establishment in Uganda

National CIRT Establishment in Zambia

Natural Disaster Early Warning System - Uganda

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