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​These resources have been designed by ITU to help digital innovation ecosystem stakeholders diagnose and assess their ecosystem, engage in co-creation activities and develop a roadmap for accelerating their country’s digital transformation.​​

Storytelling Factsheet

Learn how to create remarkable narratives.

Story Telling Canvas Factsheet.pdf

Good Practice Factsheet

Help innovators build remarkable flagship projects through your good practices.

Good practice Canvas Factsheet.pdf

Ecosystem Maturity Map Factsheet

​Diagnose your digital ecosystem's health.

Ecosystem Maturity Tool.pdf

Ecosystem Assessment Canvas

​Learn how to enable a conducive environment.

Ecosystem assessment Canvas FACTSHEETv2.pdf

Service Design Factsheet

​Learn how to create a bankable project.

Service Design Tool Factsheet.pdf

A Toolkit for Strengthening ICT Centric Ecosystems

​Learn how to analyse your ecosystems, including mapping the stakeholders, reviewing their needs, setting agendas, and developing policy and project recommendations.

Bridging Digital Divide.pdf

Good Practices Report (Europe)

A Toolkit For Developing Ecosystem Projects

​​Learn how you can turn your community into a thriving a digital society.

​​Bridging the Digital II- A toolkit for developing sustainable ICT centric ecosystem projects.pdf