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Background & Approach

Our Mission

We help members to bridge the Digital Innovation Divide (Gap) – by bringing stakeholders together to develop coherent strategy and coordinated policy across sectors to create the foundation for vibrant ICT centric innovation ecosystems at systemic level.

“Innovation is an essential part of a thriving ICT sector, and more broadly a thriving economy, enabling businesses to develop ICT solutions and compete on a global scale by creating jobs, wealth, and economic growth. This can help to bridge the digital and innovation divides, creating a more equal world where more and more people can enjoy the benefits of ICTs.

ITU helps Member States to promote innovation in their own ecosystems. Sustainable, durable innovation comes about when governments not only create an enabling environment for innovation to take place, but also take an active role in catalysing partnerships with innovation stakeholders.”

                                                                                                                           ITU-D Innovation

Our Approach

People are at the center of change. Our approach is to listen to their voices and help them develop initiatives to address their needs by co-creating innovative solutions, together.

ITU aims to foster champions within ecosystems to promote innovation capacity, help accelerate socio-economic growth and inclusive development, develop synergies between ecosystems and deliver systemic impact initiatives that accelerate socio-economic transformation.

Graph: ITU-D Innovation Platform review & advisory process for ICT centric innovation ecosystems


Our Mandate

With Innovation rising as a priority for policy makers, and based on the outcomes of the World Telecommunication Development Conference 2014 and the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2014, the Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT) has embraced innovation as one of the Outputs of ITU Development Sector (ITU-D).

The main objectives are to strengthen the members’ capabilities to integrate ICT innovation in their national development agendas, and to promote a culture of innovation.  This mandate was further enhanced at WTDC-17 with an additional aim “to develop strategies that promote innovation initiatives, including through public, private and public private partnerships". The program was also expanded with the addition of related regional initiatives for each region.