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SSDM - Advisory Board - Draft Terms of Reference




1. Purpose of the initiative

The Smart Sustainable Development Model’s Advisory Board is designed to provide strategic guidance to the leadership of the Telecommunication Development Bureau. The Advisory Board helps ensure that the initiative remains true to its mission. The Advisory Board will play a special role during the initial period following the launch of the Smart Sustainable Development Model (SSDM) initiative in helping to promote and provide strategic direction for its development and implementation.
The overall purpose of the SSDM is to:

2. Advisory Board Members

Each year the Advisory Board will hold not more than two physical meetings at venues to be discussed and agreed to by the Board. Two teleconferences will be held to review progress, address strategic questions, and plan for the coming year. The Advisory Board may also hold one or more additional conference calls at other times of the year as particular issues arise. Advisory Members are expected to join at least one of these calls per year.
Advisory board members‘ responsibilities include:

3. Composition of the Board and Term of Membership

The Advisory Board shall be composed of eminent personalities from diverse backgrounds to provide a mix of expertise necessary. The functions of the members will be on a pro bono basis, for a two-year term with the possibility of renewal for a second two-year term. The Chairmanship of the Board will be on a pro bono basis, for a two-year term. The Director of the Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT) of ITU will hold the vice-chairmanship in order to ensure continuity. The BDT will provide the Secretariat for the Board. The first meeting of the Advisory Board will be in Geneva, Switzerland.

4. Terms and Selection

Members of the Advisory Board serve in their individual capacity. At the second physical annual meeting of the Board, the Advisory Board, with support from the Director of the Telecommunication Development Bureau in his official capacity, will review the composition of the Advisory Board and make recommendations for additions or modifications. At that meeting new members will be appointed to the Advisory Board as necessary.