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The Global E-waste Statistics Partnership

​​​​​​​​​​​The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), in cooperation with the United Nations University (UNU) acting through its Vice Rectorate in Europe hosted Sustainable Cycles (SCYCLE) Programme and the So​lid Waste Association (ISWA), have joined forces to form the Global e-waste Statistics Partnership​ (GESP). Its main objectives are to improve and collect worldwide statistics on WEEE. The GESP also raises visibility on the importance of compiling WEEE statistics and delivers capacity building workshops using an internationally recognized, harmonized measurement framework. The initiative informs policy makers, industries, academia, media and the general public by enhancing the understanding and interpretation of global WEEE data and its relation to the SDGs. 

The main goals are:

The publication of the Global and Regional E-Waste Monitors are key achievements of the GESP which highlight global growth in the generation of WEEE. These reports also introduce the wider public to the global WEEE challenge and include national analysis on WEEE.