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International Girls in ICT Day 2015 events

Universitat Politècnica de Manresa and Associació Educativa Itscool

Barcelona, Spain, 2015, April 24


First Rosa Argelaguet, Director of the EPSEM (Escola Politècnica Superior d'enginyeria de Manresa from UPC) and Peter Palà, director of DiPSE (Department of electronic systems design and programming) introduced the DAY. They explained the value girls can bring to ICT engineering and also some examples of projects carried out within the ICT systems engineering degree.

Then it became the workshop of mobile applications, where the girls were able to design a game of alien invasion and another drawing application type screen. The workshop’s teacher was Mireia Izquierdo, a student of fourth year of ICT systems engineering, with the help of other students of the degree.

Finally, there were two talks. The first, by Rosa Maria Martín, technical director of the Lcfib, was the role of women in the ICT engineering, and explained the experience of several girls who work in the field of ICT. The second, by Gemma Malet and Laura Pratsobrerroca, who explained the success of the company where they work, Planet Factory, which is dedicated to designing mobile applications.

The companies “Deim” and “e-dret” gave the girls a stick to make selfies.

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