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Global Partnerships with industry players

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​symantecandtrendmicro.jpgAccess to information on global Cyber threats is of enormous value to all stakeholders, especially to ITU Member States. 

Such information is researched and analysed by specialized industry players who prepare amongst other, statistical reports in annual and quarterly format, infographics which are clear visual representation of complex information as well as theme based webinars. This wide range of material is distributed to various client base for enhancing awareness on Cybersecurity and for taking informed decisions with regard to protection in Cyberspace. 

To facilitate the timely availability of relevant Cyber threat reports to ITU Member states, ITU has partnered with leading global players namely Symantec and Trend Micro. Materials from our partners are regularly distributed to ITU Member states. 

TrendLabs 2Q 2015 Security Roundup

​The report offers an insight into newly hacked technologies causing disruptions to public utilities, the persistence of ransomware and PoS malware, newfound security vulnerabilities of public websites and mobile devices as well as the importance of law enforcement in cyber era.

Trend Micro 2014 Annual Security Roundup Report

​With a quote from the ITU Secretary-General, the Trend Micro 2014 Annual Security Roundup provides an overview of the threats that affected the technology landscape in the past year. ​

Trend Micro First Quarter roundup Report

​The Trend Micro 2015 First Quarter Security Roundup provides an overview of malware ranging from the latest Adobe Flash zero-day exploits to the decade old FREAK security flaw, both of which continue to have a big impact even today.

Trend Micro Infographic 4

​​​​Learn more about how you can protect your data from Ransomware with Trend Micro’s Ransomware infographic.​​

Internet Security Threat Report 2015 by Symantec

​​​​​Cyber incidents are becoming more sophisticated by the day which makes detection much more difficult. The rise of the Internet of Things has also brought about many new potential targets. With a foreword from the ITU Secretary-General, the Symantec Internet Security Threat Report 2015 provides an appreciation of incidents that have taken place in cyberspace during 2014, along with expert analysis on relevant emerging trends.

Trend Micro "Vulnerabilities Under Attack"- 3Q 2014 Roundup Report

This report expounds on Shellshock, a current serious open source vulnerability. The third quarter of 2014 brought to our attention loopholes in generally overlooked targets, such as routers and point-of-sale (PoS), these joined with human error illustrates a huge attack surface, where everything can be vulnerable. Trend Micro proffers control whilst explaining the introduction, distribution and growing threats of Shellshock.

Trend Micro "The invisible becomes visible"

​​Trend Micro Security Predictions for 2015 and Beyond​.

Full report...​

Trend Micro 2014 Second Quarter Roundup Report

​This Trend Micro report underlines the emerging malicious cyber activities during the second quarter of 2014 complemented by an appreciation of key trends.

Trend Micro "Targeted Attack Trends", 2H 2013 Report

​​​​​This half-year report presents the various targeted attack campaigns observed and investigated based on customer cases and research. 

Internet Security Threat Report 2014 by Symantec

​With a foreword by the ITU Secretary General, the Symantec Internet Security Threat Report 2014 provides a comprehensive compilation and analysis of the threat landscape evolution. ​

Trend Micro 2014 First Quarter Roundup Report

​This Trend Micro quarterly report underlines the existing and emerging malicious cyber activities observ​​ed during the first quarter of 2014. Full report...

Trend Micro 2014 Cyber Threat prediction

​​​A report from Trend Micro on 2014 Cyber threat predictions, with a foreword from ITU Secretary-General, to give Member States foresight in future Cyber-attack trends. 

Trend Micro "How To Manage Online Privacy" E-Guide

​Who has never seen an online ad popping, just a few minutes after searching for the exact same item? Nowadays, criminals aren’t ​​the only one tryin​​g to use information about users of the Internet, a lot of companies are also “mining” the web. It is then really important to be aware of the fact that private online information can easily go public if certain precautions are not taken.  In this regard, the Trend Micro E-guide “How to manage your privacy online” brings attention to the different ways that are used to access to private information and gives some tips on how to prevent these leakages. Full report...

Trend Micro "Putting An End To Digital Clutter" E-Guide

​The Trend Micro E-guide “Putting an end to digital clutter” introduces the concept of digital decluttering: in digital life as in real life, keeping a clean and well organized environment is the key to be more efficient but also to remove potential security risks. 

The guide will recommend some steps to start acquiring good habits, both in terms of “technical aspects” like how to regularly clean up your computer and behavior for example on social networks.  Full report...

Trend Micro 2013 Annual Security Roundup Report

​The 2013 Annual Security Roundup provides useful information on the evolution of cybercrimes. Malware in 2013 targeted victims in many regions of the world with the key purpose of getting money hence cashing on digital information. Get to know the trends in mobile threats, targeted attacks, exploits and vulnerabilities and what happened to digital life security issues. Full report...

Trend Micro E-Guide on Mobile Privacy

​Tablets and mobile phones have tremendously become a huge part of our normal day-to-day activities. Access to user information both for legitimate and malicious purposes is no longer uncommon in the age of mobilization, since people do just about everything using a mobile device.  In this regard, the TrendMicro E-Guide “The Who, What, Why and How of Mobile Privacy” aims at giving suggestions and guidelines on how to protect privacy from mobile threats. Full document...

Trend Micro "How to protect Data in Mobile Devices" E-Guide

​​​The E-Guide “How To Protect Data In Mobile Devices” highlights the importance of protecting data in mobile devices. Many times, people do not realize how much data is in their mobile device. Ordinary practices such as sending email, accessing social media, and banking online can encourage criminals to steal someone’s identity in order to access information related to credit card numbers, addresses, and contact details, among others.  The Guide will recommend several actions that should be taken into consideration to ensure data protection in mobile devices. Full document...


​​​​​ITU Secretary General presents to you his foreword on the Symantec Intelligence Quarterly report with the aim to increase Member States' awareness on the latest trends of cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

​​​Aiming at raising awareness of the Member States on today's trends of cyber threats and vulnerabilities, ITU Secretary-General presents his foreword on the Symantec Internet Security Threat Report which was published on May 2013. ​
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