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Cyberthreat Insight

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​In today’s digital reality, cyber threats evolve at an expedited pace with malicious cyber criminals becoming increasingly sophisticated, better organised and transnational. In mitigating cyber threats, it is crucial for countries to have an accurate understanding of the issue, adequate tools as well as necessary resources to: 

•  capture information about specific threats targeting the country 
•  aggregate and disseminate relevant incident data for a more effective response 
•  access timely and reliable reports on cyber threats 
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HORNET – which stands for Honeypot Research Network – is an ITU service designed to assist Member States enhance their readiness against cyber threats – ideally through national CIRTs. HORNET helps to strengthen the cybersecurity capability of a country by providing accurate threat intelligence on attacks and intrusion attempts through a strategically deployed sensors network feeding real-time information on the security of national infrastructure.


H​​ORNET is a strategically deployed sensors network feeding real-time intelligence to help countries enhance their readiness against cyber threats. HORNET sensors are decoy servers or systems set up to be an easier prey for intruders but with minor system modifications so that their activities can be logged or traced. The sensors are used to capture information such as malware and network attacks to better understand a​​​​ttackers’ behaviour. In addition to information on the global cyber threat landscape, deploying HORNET in a country’s network provides it with more country specific information on threats and enables it to better understand the threats it is facing and the types of mitigation efforts to be put in place.  

Key Facts:

​• ​ A turnkey project with rapid deployment turnaround time. The system is fully operational within weeks after deployment.
​•  Captures overall global cyberthreats scenario for the benefit of the country.
•  Real-time attack map showing visualization of cyber attacks as they happen.
• ​ Unified management dashboard providing detailed information and statistics on correlated data coming from all sensors.
•  Centralized web-based console to monitor sensor health and status, making it much easier to manage distributed sensors.
​​• ​ Uses three types of honeypot engines to ensure the maximal exposu​​re to different types of network attack.​
​• ​ Plug-and-play appliance-based sensor that can be deployed on any network. The sensor is pre-installed and configured with different        types of honeypot engine.
​​•  Scalable solution – the number of sensors deployed in a country can be increased as the country’s cybersecurity knowledge and              maturity increases.

A demonstration of HORNET services can be made at the request of a Member State. For more information contact us at ​


ITU has partnered with leading industry players Symantec and Trend Micro to facilitate the timely availability of relevant cyber threat reports to ITU Member states. 


Access to the cyber threat reports library​​ ​​



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