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National Strategies

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Modern societies have a growing dependency on information and communication technologies that are globally interconnected. However, this interconnectivity also creates interdependencies and risks that need to be managed at the national, regional and international levels. Enhancing cybersecurity and protecting critical information infrastructures is essential to each nation's security and economic well-being.

At the national level, this is a shared responsibility requiring coordinated action related to the prevention, preparation, response, and recovery from incidents on the part of government authorities, the private sector and civil society. The formulation and implementation of a national framework for cybersecurity requires a comprehensive approach. This framework often receives a label of a National Cybersecurity Strategy (NCS). 

National Cybersecurity Strategies, however, do not always take the form of a single, aptly titled, document; certain states chose a fragmented approach and decided to address different cybersecurity areas via multiple different instruments. Together, they form a National Cybersecurity Strategy. At the same time, strategies may receive a designation other than a National Cybersecurity Strategy. Documents titled, for example, National ICT Strategy or National Cybersecurity Masterplan should not be disregarded. What is more, certain states have multiple strategies.

Reference Guide

​A project undertaken in partnership with the CCI, CTO, Deloitte​, GCSP,  GCSCC University of Oxford, ​Microsoft​, NATO CCDCOE, Potomac Institute, RAN​D Europe, ​and World Bank. The reference guide will represent a single resource for any country to gain a clear understanding of the purpose and content of a national cybersecurity strategy and how to develop one. It will also outline the existing relevant models and resources as well as offer an overview of the assista​​​nce available from various organizations. This guide will have an accompanying tool that will allow the evaluation of a Strategy.