Roland White is the Global Director for Diversity & Inclusion, at Microsoft

With Diversity and Inclusion being a core pillar to Microsoft's strategy of “Empowering every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more", his team is accountable for strategic leadership and subject matter expertise, embedding the implementation of diversity and inclusion programs in all countries outside of the US, alongside measuring the impact and ultimate ROI. 

Focus spans the workforce and organisational culture, products and services, clients and supply chain, and corporate social responsibility. Growing results for Microsoft has enabled a better balanced workforce and leadership team, as well as tapping into the potential of the acquired and inherent diversity of society in order to meet the needs of clients and markets around the globe.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Roland worked with IBM, holding roles across the international business, from sales management, transformation management through to acquisitions and divestitures. Roland has a degree in Mathematics, Finance and Management, alongside an Executive Coach, and Master NLP practitioner.​ 

As an openly gay leader, living with long term depression, Roland is a recognised industry leader in the subject of Diversity and Inclusion. He has worked with and mentored many global organisations and is a regular speaker at conferences on the impact of Diversity & Inclusion in multinational organisations. His personal passion of global LGBTAIQ+ equality, Disability and Mental Health has found him being recognised as one of the top most influential D&I leaders.